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New Thor Ragnarok costumes for Loki, Thor and Odin

Turns out the Brisbane filming for Thor Ragnarok has thrown not just a few bones for the fans to chew on, but an entire carcass. (Perhaps the carcass of whoever was in charge of Security?) Check out the new Thor Ragnarok costumes for Loki, Thor and Odin, and a wee bit more speculation on that mystery actress who surfaced a few days earlier… Continue reading

6 THOR comic panels we don’t want Taika Waititi to see (or do we?)

Generally, we could safely expect that much of the hilariously cheesy, outlandishly weird and at times, batshit crazy comic panels of the 80’s and 90’s would be taken with a grain of salt by the folks who are involved in the whole movie making process. But now we have Taika Waititi to contend with, and a list of comic panels we probably don’t want him to see. Or… Do we? Continue reading

New Thor Ragnarok logo and… Loki’s new look?

Spoiler alert: Thor will be trading Mjolnir for a ghettoblaster. Loki will wear his undies on the outside. Q*bert for the cameo! Continue reading

Tom Hiddleston to return as Loki’s spirit in Thor Ragnarok

Tom Hiddleston to return as Loki’s spirit in Thor Ragnarok. Is THIS how they write him out? Continue reading

New Article: How does Odin!Loki shield his true form from Heimdall?

I’m finding it difficult to think of Thor 3 lately without feeling all cynical and full of dread. Instead I’m going to completely ignore any urge to rant about Marvel’s decision to make Thor 3 into a slapdash comedy, and muse about Heimdall’s omni-vision and Odin!Loki’s ability (or lack of) to shield himself from it, instead. Continue reading

Loki as King? So how does he shield his true form from Heimdall?

While one might expect me to have something to say about the latest Thor 3 rumours regarding Thor 3 director Taiki Waititi’s tongue in cheek (or so we hope) quip about making Thor Ragnarok funnier by taking the last movie and adding more jokes to it… I’m actually going to keep my mouth shut on all of these things. For now.

Because there’s enough negativity in the world, damnit. Continue reading

Is Loki in Age of Ultron? Does Thor return to Asgard? [AOU SPOILERS!!]

Is Loki in Age of Ultron? Does Thor return to Asgard? Do Thor and Jane break up in Avengers 2? Does Thor die? What further purpose does Loki’s scepter have? These questions are answered. [Warning: Thor-specific spoilers within] Continue reading

Loki movie: Petition to renew the petition.

Little has been said on the topic of a Loki movie for a long time now, but the demand is still out there. Just ask Tom Hiddleston – he has the plot all sorted out. Continue reading

Thor 3 plot speculation: Thanos! Surtur! Ragnarok! Oh my!

With Loki now in the perfect position to give Thanos the Tesseract & Infinity Gauntlet. It’s really just a matter of time before the Mad Titan – or rather, one of his lackey’s – comes to collect that which was promised to him in The Avengers Continue reading

Kevin Feige talks “Thor 3” with Collider

The folks at Marvel have had very little to say on the subject of Thor 3, but this week Kevin Feige spoke with Collider in regards to GotG, Thanos and Marvel’s upcoming movie line-up, and was coaxed into revealing a tiny tidbit of info at least… Continue reading