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Flesh and Blood by Sueinnm

Setting: Post-Avengers | Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Family | Pairing: None
Summary: Before facing judgement for his crimes, Loki is confronted by Thor, who refuses to give up hope for his brother. Part 1 of “Loki’s Redemption” series. Continue reading

Newly released: Thor 2 movie clip (Loki prison scene) and TV Spot trailer

Okay when I say ‘new’, I mean within the last 24 hours, but as I’m a slow poke, I’m only … Continue reading

Understanding the Storm by Lizardbeth

Setting: Post-Avengers | Genre: Family/Drama | Pairing: None
Summary: Loki returns to Asgard after Avengers and his family, especially his mother Frigga, searches for answers and hope. Continue reading

A Desperate Proposition

Rated: K+ | Genre: Drama | Pairing: None | Setting: Post-Avengers
Summary: Trapped in solitary confinement with no hope of escape, Loki finds surprising help from the enigmatic and mercurial ruler of the Underground. Labyrinth/Avengers Crosover. Continue reading

No Such Liberty by Xparrot

Setting: post-Avengers | Genre: Family/Drama/Angst| Pairing: None
Summary: Thor takes Loki back to Asgard in chains, but this does not mean that the god of mischief’s schemes are ended, or that Thor has or ever will give up on his brother. But when Thanos threatens the realm to claim his lost prizes, on which side will Loki fall? Continue reading

From the Heart in Exile by Rockpaperscissor

Pairing: None | Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst | Setting: Post-Avengers.
Summary: Forgiveness isn’t easily attained. Neither is redemption. Fortunately, Loki has little interest in either. Continue reading