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New Article: How does Odin!Loki shield his true form from Heimdall?

I’m finding it difficult to think of Thor 3 lately without feeling all cynical and full of dread. Instead I’m going to completely ignore any urge to rant about Marvel’s decision to make Thor 3 into a slapdash comedy, and muse about Heimdall’s omni-vision and Odin!Loki’s ability (or lack of) to shield himself from it, instead. Continue reading

Thor 3 release date, 2017?

While the Thor 3 release date is still yet to be announced, Marvel has confirmed May 6, 2016 for Captain … Continue reading

Petition for a Thor The Dark World Director’s Cut

The removal of key character development from Thor 2’s cinematic release has led to a petition for a Thor The Dark … Continue reading