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Will Loki ever find redemption? More importantly… Should he?

Few villains have ever been as complex and easy to love as Tom Hiddleston’s adaption of Loki. For all that he lied and betrayed his way across the universe, tried to murder his own brother (on multiple occasions), attempted to seize control of our planet at the expense of anyone who stood in his path, and displayed not a shred of remorse for any of it, it’s still difficult to not want to see Loki at least try to redeem himself. Continue reading

Thor 3 News

Whether you’re looking for news on Thor 3’s release date, synopsis, new/returning cast or you’re hoping to find spoilers and speculation, this post is your ‘quick fix’ for everything we do – and don’t – know of Thor 2’s sequel right now. (So far, there’s nothing but hot air) This page will be updated when news comes to hand. Continue reading

Thor Ragnarok fanart logo causes mass hysteria. Thousands injured.

100,000 fans take to the streets in global hysteria over the release of a Thor Ragnarok logo. Continue reading

Sensational storylines abound, but still no news on the Thor 3 plot

There has been no official information released on the Thor 3 plot so far, but if you google it you’ll … Continue reading

Will Loki be Ragnaroking in Thor 3?

Since the official confirmation that Thor 3 is in the works, opinions have been flying as to what Loki might have his … Continue reading