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Will Lady Sif return for Thor Ragnarok?

An actress wearing a costume that may or may not bear striking similarities to that of Lady Sif’s, has appeared beneath Tom Hiddleston’s armpit. Am I batshit crazy? Possibly. But let’s not worry about that right now… Continue reading

6 THOR comic panels we don’t want Taika Waititi to see (or do we?)

Generally, we could safely expect that much of the hilariously cheesy, outlandishly weird and at times, batshit crazy comic panels of the 80’s and 90’s would be taken with a grain of salt by the folks who are involved in the whole movie making process. But now we have Taika Waititi to contend with, and a list of comic panels we probably don’t want him to see. Or… Do we? Continue reading

New Thor Ragnarok logo and… Loki’s new look?

Spoiler alert: Thor will be trading Mjolnir for a ghettoblaster. Loki will wear his undies on the outside. Q*bert for the cameo! Continue reading

Will Loki ever find redemption? More importantly… Should he?

Few villains have ever been as complex and easy to love as Tom Hiddleston’s adaption of Loki. For all that he lied and betrayed his way across the universe, tried to murder his own brother (on multiple occasions), attempted to seize control of our planet at the expense of anyone who stood in his path, and displayed not a shred of remorse for any of it, it’s still difficult to not want to see Loki at least try to redeem himself. Continue reading

Loki as King? So how does he shield his true form from Heimdall?

While one might expect me to have something to say about the latest Thor 3 rumours regarding Thor 3 director Taiki Waititi’s tongue in cheek (or so we hope) quip about making Thor Ragnarok funnier by taking the last movie and adding more jokes to it… I’m actually going to keep my mouth shut on all of these things. For now.

Because there’s enough negativity in the world, damnit. Continue reading

Thor Ragnarok’s Comic Book Influences

When media discuss the potential comic influence of Thor Ragnarok, they tend to fall back upon Michael Oeming’s comic run. In particularly, his separation of Loki’s head from his body. But let’s not forget Walter Simonson. He who wrote of Ragnarok in the Surtur Saga. Continue reading

Broken Things by DreamFlight

I have been following Broken Things since around chapter three, and although the story is not yet complete, I can … Continue reading

Review: Paper Planes & Playground Games by Barkour

Written from Sif’s POV, Paper Planes & Playground Games is a lovely pre-Thor tale that spans the adolescent years of Sif, Loki and Thor. The rich history of these characters and the careful manner in which they’re written makes for a convincing read. The narrative has a poetic beauty infused with nostalgic undertones, a touch of angst, and an easy-to-read flow that I can’t help but envy. Continue reading