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Thor Ragnarok’s “New York” Spoilers

While parts of Melbourne have been closed off this last week in order to film some “New York” scenes for Thor: Ragnarok, Aussie fans and media alike have grabbed the opportunity to get a few good shots of the Thor 3 stars in action. And while many of these appear to be butt shots, there’s also a few plot gems to be found amid the Hiddleston selfies and whatnot. Continue reading

Is Loki in Age of Ultron? Does Thor return to Asgard? [AOU SPOILERS!!]

Is Loki in Age of Ultron? Does Thor return to Asgard? Do Thor and Jane break up in Avengers 2? Does Thor die? What further purpose does Loki’s scepter have? These questions are answered. [Warning: Thor-specific spoilers within] Continue reading

New Thor The Dark World Featurette – Beyond Realms

A new Thor The Dark World featurette has been released with yet more previously-unseen scenes (including one of Loki and … Continue reading

Total Film magazine reveals more of TDW in feature spread

Total Film magazine has a large Thor The Dark World feature which gives more insight into the connection between Loki … Continue reading