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Thor Ragnarok’s Comic Book Influences

When media discuss the potential comic influence of Thor Ragnarok, they tend to fall back upon Michael Oeming’s comic run. In particularly, his separation of Loki’s head from his body. But let’s not forget Walter Simonson. He who wrote of Ragnarok in the Surtur Saga. Continue reading

Thor 3 plot speculation: Thanos! Surtur! Ragnarok! Oh my!

With Loki now in the perfect position to give Thanos the Tesseract & Infinity Gauntlet. It’s really just a matter of time before the Mad Titan – or rather, one of his lackey’s – comes to collect that which was promised to him in The Avengers Continue reading

Thor 3 News

Whether you’re looking for news on Thor 3’s release date, synopsis, new/returning cast or you’re hoping to find spoilers and speculation, this post is your ‘quick fix’ for everything we do – and don’t – know of Thor 2’s sequel right now. (So far, there’s nothing but hot air) This page will be updated when news comes to hand. Continue reading

Will Loki be Ragnaroking in Thor 3?

Since the official confirmation that Thor 3 is in the works, opinions have been flying as to what Loki might have his … Continue reading