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Thor 3 plot speculation: Thanos! Surtur! Ragnarok! Oh my!

With Loki now in the perfect position to give Thanos the Tesseract & Infinity Gauntlet. It’s really just a matter of time before the Mad Titan – or rather, one of his lackey’s – comes to collect that which was promised to him in The Avengers Continue reading

And So The Trickster Fooled Them All

When Loki told a crowd of Germans to kneel before him in The Avengers, he put himself in a very open position to get himself captured. A bold and foolish risk to take, after going to such effort to gain access to Midgard in the first place. Continue reading

A Thor 2 Wishlist #1

Many of us eagerly anticipating the release of Thor: The Dark World, have a wishlist in mind of what we’d like to see take place – what issues we’d like to see resolved. For the sake of scraping together article fodder, I’m going to share mine… Continue reading