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Will Lady Sif return for Thor Ragnarok?

An actress wearing a costume that may or may not bear striking similarities to that of Lady Sif’s, has appeared beneath Tom Hiddleston’s armpit. Am I batshit crazy? Possibly. But let’s not worry about that right now… Continue reading

New Thor Ragnarok costumes for Loki, Thor and Odin

Turns out the Brisbane filming for Thor Ragnarok has thrown not just a few bones for the fans to chew on, but an entire carcass. (Perhaps the carcass of whoever was in charge of Security?) Check out the new Thor Ragnarok costumes for Loki, Thor and Odin, and a wee bit more speculation on that mystery actress who surfaced a few days earlier… Continue reading

Could we see Lady Loki in Thor Ragnarok?

What if Marvel truly wish to throw us a curveball… by introducing another of comic!Loki’s renowned talents into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The ability to change himself into Lady Loki? Could this be a disguise Loki takes on so he can hide in plain sight for a while? New set photos of a raven-haired mystery woman suggest… Maybe? Continue reading