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Vote Thor 2 for Screen Crush’s Superhero Movie of 2013!

Thor: The Dark World fans have until February 11th to vote Thor 2 as Superhero Movie of 2013 in Screen … Continue reading

Thor 2 Blu-ray extras – online

To promote the upcoming Thor: The Dark World blu-ray, a couple bits and bobs from extras have been released this … Continue reading

Thor The Dark World Transcript

Finally complete as of 7 August 2014. Please note that I have spent many many hours working on this (writing … Continue reading

Thor 2 Analysis: Loki’s death, Loki as King and where’s Odin?

Did Loki fake his death? How did Loki take the throne? Where’s Odin now? At this stage, the answers produced by the fandom are built on supposition and rife with contradiction. Marvel have left a lot of story open for speculation between now and Thor 3… Continue reading

If you thought All Hail the King would be a Loki one-shot, you were Loki’d.

When the Thor 2 blu-ray feature list was revealed last week, many of us hoped Marvel’s 13 minute one-shot, cunningly … Continue reading

Thor 2 Blu-ray Feature List Announced

With the Thor 2 Blu-ray due for US release on February 25th, the feature list has been announced on comicbookmovie.com (credits … Continue reading

Thor: The Dark World Review by SueinNM

The Dark World was, for me, a terrible disappointment.

Now, before you kill me, hear me out! The movie is a disappointment because it could have been … so much better.

Continue reading

Another Rant About Thor 2’s Running Time

Movies.com posting an article, Does Marvel Studios Have A Villain Problem? Interesting article, outlining a problem with Thor 2 and in … Continue reading

Just imagine, Thor, Loki and Jane on a GREAT JOURNEY through Svartelfheim!

Does anyone remember this ‘massive spoiler’ that a Marvel employee, Andrew Lawden, leaked out a year or so back? The finished movie … Continue reading

Petition for a Thor The Dark World Director’s Cut

The removal of key character development from Thor 2’s cinematic release has led to a petition for a Thor The Dark … Continue reading