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Thor 2 Blu-ray extras – online

To promote the upcoming Thor: The Dark World blu-ray, a couple bits and bobs from extras have been released this week. Here’s a rundown of what’s been released so far…

First up, we were given a deleted scene. A missing segment following Frigga’s ‘visit’ to in prison. There’s a few good reasons as to why I wish this scene had stayed in the movie, but lucky for you, I can’t be bothered going into it (have I mentioned my week-long sinus headache yet? Tis killing me.)

(click for full size/animation)

Next, we were given ’s first screen test – for the part of Thor himself. That’s right folks, if you didn’t know already, initially auditioned for the role of Thor before the casting people decided he’d be better suited the part of Loki.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the people in charge of casting for Thor. They were brilliant. Brilliant. I mean really, Thor could never be anyone but Chris Hemsworth,  Loki could never be anyone but Tom Hiddleston, Lady Sif could never be anyone but Jaimie Alexander… You get my drift. Oh, except for the guy who played Fandral. Evidently Joshua Dallas was replaceable. Sorry dude.


And finally, for the moment, we have a sneak peek of the Thor 2 gag reel which was released as an MTV exclusive.

Thor 2 gag reel

I’m sorry, I totally nabbed this from the MTV site. I swear I’ll recreate my own version of it once the grinding pain in my head recedes and I reinstall Photoshop.


Thor: The Dark World is due for dvd/blu-ray release on February 25. Funny enough, my dearly beloved’s birthday is on Feb 21 – what do you think his belated birthday present will be?

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