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Thor 2 Competition for NZ and Australian Fans

Marvel’s The Avengers  & Facebook page is holding a new competition each night (or thereabouts) in celebration of Thor The Dark World. Tonight it’s a Thor iPhone cover, yesterday a home theatre system, the other day it was a… *gasps with excitement* figurine, keyring and Mighty Thor comic book!!

Oh, and before that a Loki tee (just thought I’d mention that as an afterthought you know) Damn it, I knew I should log in to my stupid Facebook account more often!

For full (and coherent) details, go here.

In other news…

I think I promised more Thor 2 gifsets. I also said I’d be doing stuff with the galleries. It turns out I cannot stave of sleep forever, as much as I wish I could in order to catch up on fandom stuff! Thus it’s an early one for me tonight, and hopefully I’ll catch up on my gallery updates tomorrow…

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