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The Thor and Loki Show – Latest Thor 2 movie clip

Well it’s been a rollercoaster ride of feels these last few weeks, with Marvel leaking footage like an old man with incontinence. It’s amazing how by cobbling together a few split seconds of scene (with dialogue that may or may not match), the entire Thor movie fandom can be thrown into a spin.

The TV spots were bad enough (and when I say bad, I mean gloriously awesome as well as regrettably unfortunate – given the backlash that most of them generated) but then when they started throwing us 1-2 minute movie clips… Sweet lords. The feels. It was just too much for many fans to bear. They simply imploded. Right there in front of their screens.

Then, just as the ashes settled in wake of an incredibly angsty two minute Thor & Loki prison scene which left the fandom wobbling (and imploding), they’ve now released a new installment of the Thor & Loki Show – this time in the form of Star Wars style action and lashings of Loki sass.

Why? Why have they done this?! Many cry. Amusing bit of fun, yes. But it seems loads of folk are taking a fandom hiatus – desperate to see these scenes for the first time on the big screen, rather than feel they’ve watched movie beforehand. Thank you youtube snippets and Tumblr gifs.

Maybe TPTB chose to throw us this bit of footage to restore faith in the deep-seated and oft-debated brotherly love between Thor and Loki? (Considering that prison scene capsized the BROdinson boat for many…) But with the way they’re releasing these tidbits, I’m pretty sure they must know what they’re doing to us.

Yeah, I see you Marvel. Sitting up there… Pulling our strings and watching us dance. Or cry. Or dance while crying.

Anyway, if you want to see the clip, it’s at the bottom of this post (or under the Read More cut, which doesn’t appear to be working?). Figured I’d best tuck it out of sight for those few left out there who have somehow managed to avoid knowing this kind of scene even takes place…

This bit o’ footage has also been made into a bunch of animated gifs, which you can find here. They’re available for people to save and repost (ie Tumblr) but please please spoiler tag your post if you repost them!


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