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Newly released: Thor 2 movie clip (Loki prison scene) and TV Spot trailer

Okay when I say ‘new’, I mean within the last 24 hours, but as I’m a slow poke, I’m only posting this to the site now… Although these are official releases, the following content may be deemed spoilerish to those wishing to avoid the new footage recently released in Marvel’s mini-trailers, so don’t read on unless you’re sure. What’s seen can never be unseen, after all…

First of all, we had this one:

And then, another variant, with more dialogue and additional footage:

And then, the one that broke a fandom…. An actual , featuring 54 seconds of Thor talking to Loki in prison, in the wake of something they both now seek revenge for…

If, after watching these, you begin to think this movie might just be the death of you (if the build up to it doesn’t claim you first) then trust me, you’re not alone.

If you’d like some free-to-repost animated gifs and screenshots from these new scenes, keep an eye out on my next update. Now that the kids are in bed and I have some ‘me time’ I will be burying myself in Photoshop for the next few hours. If there’s a particular scene you need ASAP, leave a comment here or hit up my Ask box on Tumblr.

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