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Calling New Zealand fans of Thor The Dark World..

Finally something to promote for the fans! The Erin Simpson Show are running a Thor 2 competition to win tickets this week. Enter here.

And a gentle reminder that Event Cinemas are screening of Thor 2 tonight. That’s October 30th, folks. A day ahead of NZ’s official release date. The first screening is at Auckland’s St Lukes at 6.30pm followed by an 8.30pm screening. At all other Event cinemas, screenings are at 8.30pm. Tickets can be booked here. Oh, they’re filling up fast so I’d get in quick if I were you 😉

The first St Lukes screening is $50 per ticket and includes some collector goodies (Pop Vinyl figure, movie poster, Marvel bag). All other tickets for tonight’s screening are $20.

thor 2 new zealand

Remember if anyone would like to write a Thor 2 fan review and have it published here, send it in either via the contact form or email admin (at) and I’ll publish it here on the site.

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  • redrascal1

    I just hope that they don’t make Loki into an ‘uber baddie’ again – he’s far more complex a character for that. And that they do more with Jane Foster than have her slapping people and fainting. If they do decide to go with Ragnarok, it could be interesting if Thanos could have somethingvto do with it – he is after all, genocidal. And if he truly wanted to destroy Earth it would be prudent to erase Asgard, home of Earth’s protector, first.