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Thor 2 NZ opening night with Heroes For Sale

The Thor 2 NZ release date is 31st October and Stu of NZ’s leading comic book store, Heroes For Sale, has booked an opening night screening on the X-Treme screen at Auckland’s Sylvia Park.

This from the Heroes For Sale facebook page:

Hey Folks, what do you reckon? Thor II on 31st October, opening night, X-Treme screen at Sylvia Park, say 8:00pm? Lock it in, we’ve booked the theatre, tickets will be in store 23rd September. If you have an active, ongoing comic subscription in store, you are eligible to purchase 2 tickets at $10 each, any more required and everyone else, tickets will be $15 each.

So if you happen to be in Auckland, New Zealand on October 31st, come along and join in the event with like-minded fans!

Thor 2 NZ

And I love it when you go into see something. And you enter as an individual and you leave as a group. Because you’ve all been bound together by that same experience.
– Tom Hiddleston, Nerd HQ, 2013

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