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Thor 2 Post Credit Scenes Explained – Screenrant

If you’ve seen Thor: The Dark World, then you’ve likely seen the post credit scenes (yes, scenes – remember folks, there’s two of ’em this time!) I say ‘likely’ because when I watched it last week, half the audience left before the post-credit scenes aired. I know, it astounded me too…

Anyway,if you’re here then I’m surely I can correct assume you were smart enough to stick around and watch the post credit scenes play out. Now you may be wondering what they mean? And not just in their singular context but for how they tie int to the long-reaching plans Marvel has for their films.

Screenrant has laid it all out on the table:

We already dropped some pretty juicy news about the road through Marvel’s Phase Two and Phase Three story arcs, leading to an Avengers 3 featuring Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet – but we couldn’t get too deep into our analysis because, at the time, no one else had yet seen  and we didn’t want to spoil the fun! Now that the movie is out, we can reveal more of what we’ve learned while peering behind the scenes of Marvel Studios in the last few months – starting with the big implications of the mid-credits and post-credits scenes included with Thor: The Dark World.

From here onwards there’s some major Thor 2 spoilers in this article, but if you’ve already seen it or spoiled yourself silly, then you might want to check it out. If could make for some interesting speculation on the future plot elements of Loki’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Especially with the likes of to look forward to.

Link: Screenrant: Thor 2 Mid & Post Credit Scenes Explained

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