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Discuss Thor 2 spoilers at the God of Mischief forum

With the release of just a matter of hours away for many countries, the desire to discuss the ins and out of the film will be strong for all of us I’m sure! If you’d like to discuss without accidentally passing on spoilers to those who haven’t yet seen it, the Thor 2 discussion forum here at God of Mischief is open for any and all spoilerlicious discussion.

WARNING: This forum will be no holds barred – Thor 2 spoilers will be flying like tornado sharks!  If you haven’t already been spoiled silly through Tumblr, I beg you to stay away and continue to live in blissful ignorance of what takes place in this movie!

I’ve set up a topic, and will likely set up more once I’ve seen the movie in a few more hours, but if there’s something you want to discuss and a topic doesn’t already exist, just create one.  It doesn’t have to be Loki-specific. This forum is open to ALL Thor 2 discussion.

Forum Registration:

Registration is currently open and you can do so through a link the sidebar. once you’ve registered with the forum you’re good to go. Note: I do tend to close registration sometimes, as spambots or whatever they are tend to sign up as well. Grr. If you can’t get through in that registration link, message me with your username of choice and email address, and I’ll register you and send you a temporary password.

If you want to share your Tumblr URL around, just fill it in your profile.

To upload your own avatar, get a free account using the same email address that you sign up here with, and gravatar will update your avatar here with it (note, it takes about 10 minutes for avatar changes to take place)

Forum guidelines can be found here.

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