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Like sharks in a tornado, Thor 2 spoilers are flying hard

Rest assured, you won’t read a single spoiler in this post, but if you don’t want to know the ins and outs of before you get a chance to see it for your own eyes, now is probably a good time to stay away from Tumblr’s Thor 2 tags … Hell, just cancel your internet subscription entirely for a week or two. Quit school. Quit your job. Rip the SIM card out of your phone and go find yourself a yeti cave in the midst of the Himalayas to lay low in for a while…

Because in the wake of Thor The Dark World’s press screening this week and London’s premiere last night, the embargo which prevented press from sharing the juiciest tidbits has now lifted. This means if Tumblr’s not yet ablaze with , it will be shortly.

Of course, in the perfect world, the kids would spoiler tag their posts so as not to ruin it for those who don’t wish to know the middle and end before they’ve seen the beginning. Unfortunately, this isn’t the perfect world. This is social media.  And while some will be careful with their information, you can be sure others won’t. Sad but true fact: The internet keeps no secrets.

Myself personally, I’ve been all for reading every Thor 2 spoiler I can get my sweaty little hands on. Except for the ending. Reveal to me everything else if you will, just not the ending.

But unfortunately, spoilers to me are like candy. And I love candy. Like a child who’s been told they can have all the candy in the store if they want it, I’ve devoured every last sour worm and gummy bear without a care for how my appetite might be spoiled. And now I feel sick for it. Even so, like the gluttonous pig I am, I will stuff in more if I can find ’em.

I am a sucker for punishment.

Do YOU want to read the Thor 2 spoilers?

Some of those on Tumblr who were fortunate enough to attend the press screening have answered the burning questions of those who weren’t. If your spoiler tooth is extremely sweet and you want to eat the entire contents of the candy store before you even step foot in the shop door…. This is where all the gummy bears are at.  << Much of the movie has been laid bare within that link. You have been warned!

Fans have been invited by stormxpadme to ask any Thor 2 spoiler their little heart desires, and the blogger has carefully answered what she can. You can probably get through those first four or five pages without being overly spoiled, initially anyway,as the blogger answered the first wave of questions in a cleverly elusive fashion so as to prevent herself from breaching embargo. However as the readers questions became targeted towards the answers of previous questions, more puzzle pieces began to click together. So if you just want to nibble on some candy without eating the whole store, I suggest you just read the first four or so pages – max.

There are a lot of questions on whether or not Loki is the villain in this movie, whether he lives at the end, whether he and Thor become close once more, whether the rumours of Frigga are true, whether any Avengers have a cameo, whether there’s any shipper-worthy moments between Loki and Jane or Thor and Sif or Thor and Loki or Loki and Slepnir’s father or…

Many of these Q’s & A’s are interesting and insightful without being too spoilery, but make no mistake, that there link is a Pandora’s Box, and if you open it, you will build a pretty good picture of how the ending will play out before too long. And the answers become ‘no holds barred’ once the official spoiler prohibition lifts. You have been warned.

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