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Will Thor 3’s Director be Taika Waititi?

So as you’ve likely heard by now, the mystery of who will become ‘s director has been pretty much solved..

The word on the media vine is that New Zealand’s Taika Waititi is in final negotations with Marvel for director.

taika waititi thor 3 director

As a New Zealander, my first inclination is to be thrilled about this. (Though I’d be happier still if Ragnarok were to be filmed in NZ…) But my inner Thor geek – which by far supersedes my sense of national pride – is somewhat apprehensive about this reveal.

Outside of New Zealand, Taika Waititi is best known for his vampire comedy-horror, What We Do In The Shadows. A witty movie, sure, but I’m hoping Taika will lean more towards character depth (as Boy has shown he’s very capable of doing) rather than quirky kiwi humour.  However given that Zombieland director, Ruben Fleische, was also allegedly a top contender for Thor 3‘s director chair, I can’t help but feel a little incy wincy bit of dread for the road Marvel may be looking to take with Ragnarok.

Wait did I just say I’m feeling an incy wincy bit of dread? Okay what I mean is that I’m actually considering opening a wormhole and flinging myself into it in the hope of finding myself in a parallel universe where Kenneth Branagh is sitting in Thor 3’s director chair.

Because… Comedy?  Was Marvel sleeping when the fandom cried out against the way in which an excess of ill-timed comedy helped to ruin Thor: The Dark World? Or are they just pandering to the general joe blogs blockbuster movie going audiences who care nothing for Thor universe and buy their tickets purely for the shits and gigs?


Well, fingers crossed Thor Ragnarok will not crash and burn*.

Because I have  n o   i d e a   how to open wormholes.

* I mean sure, there’s bound to be some crashing and burning going on… A lot of it, we can hope, given the givens, but… Oh, you know what I mean. Sigh

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  • Mersey

    I don’t know who the Hel this guy is. I didn’t know about Taylor much either but I heared about Game of thrones at least.

    • Marvel applauded Alan Taylor for his knack for death scenes in GoT, though Whedon came in to help on areas where Alan lacked strength – such as writing heartfelt compelling scenes between characters (Whedon was responsible for the confrontation between Thor and Loki on the skiff through Svartalfheim, and I think he also helped with Frigga’s funeral, although maybe no – my memory is hazy on that one now…)

  • Sian

    After seeing Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, how I wish they could have got him for the job. Not only is he an expert in stunning visuals and complex characters, he has a gift for strong female characters. So if he was in the director’s chair, we wouldn’t see Sif as an afterthought, or Jane Foster snoozing her way across Svartalfheim.

    Which is probably why Marvel prefer to hire someone most of us haven’t heard of, because I am getting heartily sick of their track record at depicting strong female characters – Black Widow’s treatment in Age of Ultron was abysmal, Jane and Pepper had a brief mention, that was all and Scarlet Witch seemed to be there as much for her looks as her powers.

    The more I read about Thor 3 the more I despair. I wish Marvel weren’t so eager to turn the franchise into an inane teen comedy.

  • Jo

    ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ was a great bit of fun. If you want to see how Taika Waititi can really weave a story, and write with a wonderful affinity for his characters, I suggest you track down ‘Boy’. Well worth a watch. And hey, remember Peter Jackson started out doing splatter movies. 🙂

    • This is a good point, although the main reason why I quickly came to dread the idea of Taika directing Thor 3 (and which I didn’t include in the article due to it being anecdotal) is the claim by a source who knows him personally that he “hates these kind of movies”.

      Sure, Taika Waititi can come up with a beautiful movie when it’s based on characters he feels personally invested in, but as far as Thor 3 is concerned, I’m afraid he’s going to be sorely lacking in personal investment and passion for the story he’s creating. This at least is something which Peter Jackson had going for him with the LotR movies. Jackson had great respect and vision for the movies he was creating and while he couldn’t stay true to the source on all points, he did what he could to adapt Tolkien’s world for cinematic viewing – and he did an astonishing job of it.

      Lastly, and to further drive the nail into the coffin, I had the misfortune a little while ago of watching Taika present the New Zealand Music awards – during which the last vestiges of my hope for Thor 3 curled up and died. Or at least went into a death-like state of hibernation. Hopefully to awaken in the next few months when Taika proves wrong my misgivings and throws himself passionately into a group of Asgardians… Wait, I need to rethink where I’m going with that. Meh, you know what I mean right… :p