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Thor 3 speculation: Can the answer to Loki’s unexpected survival be found in Hel?

has recently caused speculation for . Will ’s revelation that is a part of the MCU mean an explanation for ’s unexpected survival?

Kevin Feige has confirmed in the Thor 2 commentary that the fiery realm glimpsed during the Convergence is in fact Hel, not Muspelheim (as one would logically assume).

The Convergence

The nine realms align during the Convergence. Thor: The Dark World.

It’s news that recently caused a flurry of discussion for fans who wonder why the MCU’s version of Hel would be all fire and brimstone, when in comic and Norse lore, Hel is a frozen place.

It is Muspelheim that is the realm of eternal fire. And Muspelheim is also home to the fire demons and of course, Surtur, their ruler, who many fans speculate to be the logical Big Bad of Thor 3.

In the animated movie Hulk vs Thor, Hel is portrayed as a fiery land, and being that it was written by Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle, who were both involved with Thor: The Dark World and are now the writers for Thor 3, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised.


The realm of Hel, as seen in Marvel’s animated movie, Hulk vs Thor


, from animated movie Hulk vs Thor

Conflict over Muspelheim and Hel aside,  I wonder now more than ever if could Loki’s line “see you in Hel, monster” could provide a clue as to how the trickster survived his ‘death’?

Loki expects he and Kurse will be roommates in Hel. Marvel wonders if this would make for an interesting reality tv-style spin off.

Loki expects he and Kurse will be roommates in Hel. Meanwhile, Marvel wonders if this would make for an interesting reality tv-style spin off.

In the Siege storyline, Loki made a deal with Hela to have his name removed form the Book of Hel, thus ensuring he would never actually die. Will the MCU write their own adaption of this?

It’s not something that really fits with MCU continuity though, is it? They’d certainly have to overlook the whole ‘Hela is Loki’s daughter’ thing to have a fleeting chance of pulling it off. And unless such an extreme survival tactic proves to be part of the greater Thor 3 storyline, it’ll be a waste of space.

There are simpler ways of explaining how Loki came back from the dead.

Maybe he had healing stones tucked away in a pocket dimension?

Maybe he has super-fast healing abilities that even Thor didn’t anticipate?

Maybe the weapon itself was an illusion?

Or maybe an unexplained recovery will be Marvel’s option? Yes, that’s right. Leave it open for the fans to debate to death and take to their graves… Damn me. Damn you all….


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