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Thor 3 is a long way off – Chris Hemsworth

Just to add a nail in the coffin of all my hopes and expectations for another Loki Thor movie before I die of old age, recently told Collider that he has a lot of time up his sleeve until he’s due to begin work on

“Yeah I got a lot of time. I don’t think it’s just yet, Thor 3. I think it’s a ways away.”

And if what he said to ScreenCrush is anything to go by, the subject of Thor 3 hasn’t even come up between him and Marvel Studios yet:

I hope we’re doing another one. I think we’re doing another one. I don’t know anything official as of yet, but I’m looking forward to it. [x]


Loki ponders how much Tom Hiddleston may age before the next Loki movie. Then remembers he’s the master of illusion – everything will be fine.

Bear in mind, Hemsworth will begin work on The Huntsmen in 2015, which goes some way to explain why there’ll be a lengthy wait until we see him pick up the hammer again after Avengers: Age of Ultron. But we also have to consider the fact that Thor: The Dark World didn’t receive the same level of critic and box office success as Captain America: The Winter Soldier or even Guardians of the Galaxy – which although hasn’t reached the movie theatres yet, has already had it’s sequel confirmed amid glowing press reviews.

So what if Marvel decide Thor 3 really isn’t an important movie, in the scheme of things? Will they shelve it until the actors are too old to play their parts anyway?

Bear in mind, Thor and Loki have a lifespan of 5000 years. And while Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth age like fine wine, the unfortunate truth of things is that they’ll still age faster in the next three or four years than their Norse counterparts are supposed to. Let’s just think about that for one long, bleak moment.

Okay you’re right. I’m far too pessimistic for my own good. So come on… Someone give me some good news to ramble about! I’ll take confirmation of a Loki movie? A Loki spin-off TV series – starring Tom Hiddleston? Surely he loves playing the part of the trickster enough to turn his back on any other potential movie role and just… Star in a Marvel tv series? Just throwing it out there… Come on, I’m clutching at any straw that might offer a ray of sunlight right now.

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  • redrascal1

    I can’t help but think Marvel does ‘bromance’ far better than romance in its movies! With all due respect to Hayley Attwell it was the friendship between Steve and Bucky that was the beating heart of Captain America rather than the possible romance between Steve and Peggy. There was very little sexual chemistry between Natasha and Clint in Avengers (although that may have been due to lack of screen time together). As for Thor….poor old Natalie Portman had basically nothing to do but sleep and faint during much of Dark World; the writers were obviously far more interested in Thor/Loki than Thor/Jane, which was a waste of a darn good actress and a character who in better hands would have made a terrific heroine.
    The only exceptions were Tony/Pepper in the Iron Man series – I loved their interaction, especially in part 1.