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Thor 3 release date – 2017

The release date is expected to be announced at next week’s San Diego Comic Con, and we can expect it to fill one of the three slots pegged for 2017.

Marvel has scheduled the release of Captain America 3 for May 6, 2016, followed by the recently announced Dr Strange movie on July 8, 2016.

2017 brings us three possible slots for which we can hope to see Thor 3 released: May 5, July 27 and November 3.

Personally, I’m kind of hoping for July 27th – that would tie in nicely with my birthday and completely erase my family’s painstaking dilemma of what Loki related memorabilia can we buy our beloved for her birthday, without having to order it on ebay? Just… Loki movie Thor 3 tickets! 😉

loki on throne in asgard

Will Loki still be on the throne by 2017? Or, in a surprising twist, will he have been replaced by a new character – a gender-neutral alien cyborg hamster perhaps?

Marvel confirmed Thor 3 was in the works back in February, when they announced Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost would be penning the script.

This news seemed to slip past many fans (hey, we blogged about it – you really should be subscribing for updates/following our Tumblog if you missed that one. ;)) but it was Christopher Yost’s recent post-it note on Twitter that really got the attention of fans…

Thor 3 release date - coming soon

Okay, not so easy to see in this screenshot, but if you look closely, that sticky note says “Thor 3”

Let’s hope that if Marvel do announce the Thor 3 release date at next weekend’s SDCC, they also give us some news on the plot and movie title. I mean, come on Marvel… If we have to wait until 2017 (or later?) to see the final of the Thor trilogy, you could at least throw us fans a bone!

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