Thor The Dark World Transcript

Finally complete as of 7 August 2014. Please note that I have spent many many hours working on this (writing … <a href="">Continue reading <span class="meta-nav">→</span></a>

Finally complete as of 7 August 2014. Please note that I have spent many many hours working on this (writing much of it before I had English subtitles to do much of the work for me) and while I welcome you to use this for reference, please do not repost it in its entirety.

Thor: The Dark World
Transcribed by Sorrow (

In the opening scene we’re given a flashback to the days when Odin’s father, Bor, was King of Asgard, and war was waged against the dark elves.

ODIN [voice-over]: Long before the birth of light, there was darkness. And from that darkness, came the Dark Elves. Millenia ago, most ruthless of their kind, Malekith, sought to transform our universe back into one of eternal night. Such evil was possible through the power of the Aether; an ancient force of infinite destruction.

The dark elf Algrim approach his leader, Malekith.
ALGRIM [in Elvish]: Malekith, the Asgardians attack.

ODIN [voice-over]: The noble armies of Asgard, led by my father King Bor, waged a mighty war against these creatures. As the nine worlds converged above him, Malekith could at last unleash the Aether. But Asgard ripped the weapon from his grasp. Without it, the Dark Elves fell. With the battle all but lost, Malekith sacrificed his own people, in a desperate attempt to lay waste to Asgard’s Army.

MALEKITH [to Algrim]: Through their sacrifice we will survive. It will not be in vain.
Malekith boards one of their spaceships with Algrim, and leaves his army to their fate.

ODIN [voice-over]: Malekith was vanquished and the Aether was no more. Or so we were led to believe…

SOLDIER: Sire, the Aether. Shall we destroy it?
KING BOR: If only we could, but it’s power is too great. Bury it deep, somewhere no one will ever find it.


On present-day ASGARD Loki stands in shackles before the Allfather to face punishment for his crimes upon Midgard.

LOKI: Hello mother. Have I made you proud?
FRIGGA: Please, don’t make this worse.
LOKI: Define worse?
ODIN: Enough! I will speak to the prisoner alone
[Frigga exits the throne room. Loki steps forward and laughs.]
LOKI: I really don’t see what all the fuss is about?
ODIN: Do you not truly feel the gravity of your crimes? Where ever you go there is war, ruin and death.
LOKI: I went down down to Midgard to rule the people of Earth as a benevolent God. Just like you.
ODIN: We are not Gods. We are born, we live, we die. Just as humans do.
LOKI: Give or take 5,000 years
ODIN: All this because Loki desired… a throne.
LOKI: It is my birthright!
ODIN: Your birthright … was to die! As a child. Cast out onto a frozen rock. If I had not taken you in you would not be here now to hate me.
LOKI: If I’m for the axe then for Mercy’s sake, just swing it. It’s not that I don’t love our little talks it’s just… I don’t love them.
ODIN: Frigga is the only reason you’re still alive, and you’ll never see her again. You’ll spend the rest of your days in the dungeon.
LOKI: And what of Thor? You’ll make that witless oaf King while I rot in chains?
ODIN: Thor must strive to undo the damage you have done. He’ll bring order to the nine realms and then, yes, he will be King.


On VANAHEIM, Sif and the Warriors Three are fighting MARAUDERS. Thor arrives and joins the fight.

SIF: I’ve got this completely under control
THOR: Is that why everything’s on fire?
[Sif stops an arrow aimed at Thor with her shield and gives Thor a pointed look.]
SIF: You’re welcome.
[A distant roar causes all fighting to cease, as a huge rock troll approaches. An Asgardian steps towards the troll, but is swatted away like a fly. Sif looks to Thor.]
SIF: All yours
[troll smashes club on ground]
THOR: Hello
[Giant roars]
THOR: I accept your surrender
[Thor smashes troll]
THOR: Anyone else?
[Maurauders lay down their arms and surrender]
Fandral: Perhaps next time we should START with the big one?


Thor and Hogan walk across the now subdued battlefield.

HOGAN: Where do we go next?
THOR: Hogan the peace is nearly won, across the nine realms. You should stay here and be with your people, where your heart is. Asgard can wait.
HOGAN: You have my thanks.
THOR: As you have mine.
THOR [looking to the sky]: Heimdall, when you’re ready.


On ASGARD, Thor and Odin stand on a balcony, overlooking the training yard where soldiers are practicing with various weapons, including high tech swords with blades of pure energy.

ODIN: Is Vanaheim secure?
THOR [nods]: As are Nornheim and Ria. But our work would have gone more quickly with you at the fore.
ODIN: You must think I’m a peice of bread, that needs to be buttered so heavily.
THOR: That was not my intent.
ODIN: For the first time since the Bifrost was destroyed, the Nine Realms are at peace. We are well reminded of our strength and you have earned their respect and my gratitude.
THOR: Thank you.
ODIN: Nothing out of order except your confused and distracted heart
THOR: This isn’t about Jane Foster, Father.
ODIN: Humans lives are fleeting. They’re nothing. You’ll be better served by what lies in front of you.
[Odin indicates Sif in the training, who feels their eyes upon her and looks to meet their gaze.]
ODIN: I’m telling you this not at the Allfather, but as your Father. You are ready. The time has come to take the Throne. Embrace it and celebrate what you have won. Join your warriors, eat and drink. Revel in their celebration. At least pretend to enjoy yourself.


Thor sits silent in a TAVERN, watching his comrades celebrate around him. Volstagg throws an empty mug of ale to the ground and demands ‘another!” with a roar of laughter. Thor smiles with sad affection, and moves to the balcony, where Sif stands alone.

SIF: There was a time when you would celebrate for weeks.
THOR: I remember you celebrating the battle of Haragon so much that you nearly started a second.
SIF: Well the first was so much fun.
[They smile at the memory.]
SIF: Take a drink with me. Surely the Allfather can have no further task with you tonight?
THOR: This is one I set myself.
SIF: It does not go unnoticed that you disappear each night. There are nine realms. The future King of Asgard must focus on more than one.
THOR: I thank you for your sword  and for your counsel, good Lady Sif.
[Thor walks away, leaving Sif staring sadly after him.]


On EARTH Jane and a date sit in a restaurant. Jane hides behind her menu, her date slips her a note to try and get her attention. The note says ‘hi’.

JANE: Hi..
RICHARD: So what’s the story with you?
JANE: Why should there have to be a story? There’s no story.
RICHARD: You’ve spent the first ten minutes of our date hiding behind a menu that has three choices on it. It’s either chicken, vegetarian or fish. Jane I’m thinking there’s a story, and the story either involves a guy…
JANE: It’s complicated
RICHARD: Is he still around?
JANE: No. He.. Went away.
RICHARD: I’ve been there. The going away part. I was seeing a woman and ah, she took a job in New York. Eventually the distance killed it. And the fact that she, uh, she kept sleeping with other dudes.
JANE: Oh no!
RICHARD: Ooh so many.
[A woman approaches the table. Richard looks to her and begins placing his order.]
RICHARD: Hi, um, could we get some wine please?
[The woman is Darcy.]
DARCY: Sure, I’d love some.
JANE: Richard, this is Darcy.
[Darcy looks to Jane, gives the thumbs up and mouths ‘sweet’]
JANE: What are you doing here?
[Darcy grabs a chair, takes a seat and starts buttering herself some bread.]
RICHARD: Oh, hello.
DARCY: Sup! So I show up for work at the lab-slash-your-mum’s-house, fully expecting you to be moping around in your pajamas eating ice cream and obsessing about you-know-who…
[Richard nods his head, his suspicion about the ex confirmed]
DARCY: But you’re not! You’re wearing lady clothes! You even showered didn’t you? You smell good.
JANE: Is there a point to all of this? Because there really needs to be a point to all of this..
DARCY: Right. You know all that scientific equipment you don’t look at anymore?
[Darcy pulls a piece of equipment out of her pocket and passes it to Jane]
DARCY: You might want to start looking at it again. This is the reason we came all the way out here.
JANE: It’s malfunctioning.
DARCY: That’s what I said.
[Jane thumps it on the table.]
DARCY: That’s what I did! But you just done it a little more scientific.
[Jane ooks to Richard as she passes it back to Darcy]
JANE: I’m sure it’s nothing
DARCY: Doesn’t look like nothing. Kinda looks like the readings that Eric was rambling about. DARCY: [to Richard] Our friend Eric kinda went banana balls.
JANE: I’m not interested. I’m not interested. Time for you to go now.
[Darcy looks from Jane to Richard and gets to her feet]
DARCY: Okay.
RICHARD [as Darcy leaves]: Short but sweet.
JANE: She needs help.
[Jane and Richard return to staring at their menus]
RICHARD: I think I’m gonna have sea bass.
JANE [distracted]: Sea bass. Yes, sea bass is good. Sea bass. Sea bass sea bass sea bass … sea bass.
RICHARD [closes menu]: Jane, maybe you should stop saying sea bass and go after your friend.
JANE [starts to get up]: I’m so sorry!
RICHARD: I’ll just stay here and say sea bass alone.


Jane leaves the restaurant and finds Darcy waiting in her car at the kerb.

JANE: Man I hate you.
DARCY: What? I thought he was cute?
JANE: Just shut up and drive.
[After they’ve driven a little while, a guy pops up from the back seat and mutters something I completely failed to catch.]
JANE: Who’s he?
DARCY: He’s my intern.
JANE: You have an intern?
DARCY: Oh, yeah.
MAN: Hello Doctor Foster. It’s a.. It’s a great honour to be working with ya.
JANE: Right… I have to call Eric.
INTERN [looks down at his GPS unit]: Oop, take a right.
[Darcy Swings left into traffic.]
[Darcy swerves left into the next street]
DARCY: I have totally mastered driving in London.
[Jane reaches Eric’s voice mail]:
JANE: Hi Eric, it’s me. Again. Where are you? I came here because you said you were on to something and then you vanished.


We now see a news report where Selvig is running naked around Stonehenge.

REPORTER: I’m here at Stonehenge for what has been an interesting unfolding of events today. The police were called to the scene shortly after 11am this morning after a seemingly harmless rambler approached the area then decided to strip naked and effectively terrorize tourists there with scientific equipment, while shouting that he was trying to save them. The man later identified as noted astrophysicist Dr. Erik Selvig has been called in for questioning by police.


Darcy, Jane and Intern arrive at an industrial area, get out of the car and approach a DESERTED FACTORY.

DARCY: Come on this is exciting, look, the Intern is excited!
DARCY: You want the phase meter?
DARCY [to Ian as she throws him the car keys]: Bring the phase meter. The toaser looking thing.
IAN: I know what a phase meter is.
[They walk past a cement truck that is lying on its side. Jane’s cell phone starts ringing.]
JANE: How do I change the ringtone on this thing?
DARCY [speaking from her own cell phone]: An astrophysicist with three degrees should be able to change her own ring tone.
JANE: Why are you calling me?
DARCY: I didn’t want to shout. Intern says this way.
IAN: Ian. My name’s Ian.
[They enter the factory. Disturbed by movement, birds swoop by and there is the sound of footsteps.]
DARCY:: I am not getting stabbed in the name of science. [then shouting] It’s okay, we’re Americans!
JANE: Is that supposed to make them like us?
[Three children step out as one whispers to the other ‘they’ll make them go away’. Another says ‘Shhh!’.]
JANE: Oh, they’re kids.
YOUNG GIRL: Are you the police?
JANE: No we’re scientists. Well, I am.
DARCY: Thanks
CHILD 2: We just found it.
JANE: Will you show us?
[The kids lead them to a cement truck. A boy touches his fingertip to it and it lifts into the air and starts slowly rotating. Jane gasps]
DARCY: That doesn’t seem right.
[They ascend a stairwell. One of the kids picks up an old bottle and drops it over the edge. It falls but then disappears into thin air.]
JANE: Where’d it go?
[Young girl points upwards. The bottle appears from above them, falls and disappears into same invisible field. They watch it go around a few times, then the one of the kids catches it.]
JANE: That’s… That’s incredible.
[Jane picks up a can and drops it over the edge. It disappears, but doesn’t return.]
JANE: What happened?
YOUNG GIRL: Sometimes they come back, sometimes they don’t.
DARCY: I wanna throw something! Jane, give me your shoe.
[Jane picks up the gadget Darcy had shown her at the restaurant. The readings are going crazy.]
JANE: I haven’t seen readings like this since… since…
DARCY: New Mexico?
[Jane gives Darcy a disbelieving look and runs towards the next flight of stairs.]
JANE: Don’t touch anything!
DARCY [to Ian]: Give me your shoe.
[Further up the stairs, Jane looks over and sees Darcy is throwing things off the stairwell. The wind picks up and she moves on. Ian throws in the car keys – they don’t return.]
DARCY: Were those the… car keys?


Jane tracks the gadget’s signal through the building. The wind picks up and then she is lifted and pulled towards doors and into a strange dark place that is no longer a room within the building but rather a HUGE DARK CAVERN. She finds herself being lightly placed to her feet on the edge of a steep drop into nothingness.

JANE: Darcy!

Jane turns and sees she is on a great stone platform. In the middle is a large towering column with a red glow inside it. She approaches. Stamped into the ground around it is a Bifrost marking. Something red is moving within the column. Tendrils float out, making an eery screeching sound as they shift around her. They flow into her. She falls unconscious to the ground.


In DEEP SPACE the Dark Elf flagship, the Ark, is awakening – Malekith waking along with it. He steps out onto a kind of balcony overlooking a huge amphitheatre where the remainders of his army are awakening from within their pods.

Malekith [in Elvish]: The Aether awakens us. The Convergence returns.


On ASGARD, Thor approaches Heimdall as he stands watch over the universe.

HEIMDALL: You’re late.
THOR: Merriment can sometimes be a heavier burden than battle.
HEIMDALL: Then you’re one of them incorrectly.
THOR [laughs]: Perhaps. How fare the stars?
HEIMDALL: Still shining. From here I can see nine realms and ten trillion souls.
[Heimdall drives his sword into the control panel in the center of the observatory. He looks to Thor.]
HEIMDALL: You recall what I told you of the Convergence?
THOR: Yes. The alignment of the worlds. It approaches, doesn’t it?
HEIMDALL: The universe hasn’t seen this marvel since before my watch began. Few can sense it, even fewer can see it. But while it’s effects can be dangerous, it is truly beautiful.
THOR: I see nothing.
HEIMDALL: Or perhaps, that is not the beauty you seek?
THOR [laughs for a moment]: How is she?
HEIMDALL: She’s quite clever, your mortal. She doesn’t know it yet, but she studies the Convergence as well. Even…
THOR: What?
HEIMDALL: I can’t see her.


Jane is in ‘another place’ floating amid the either. When she wakes, she’s back in the building, lying on the concrete. She runs out to see Darcy talking to police.

DARCY: Jane! Where the hell were you?
JANE: Tell me you didn’t call the police?
DARCY: Well what was I supposed to do?
JANE: Not call the police?
DARCY: I’ve been freaking out!
JANE: You call the cops, they call the Feds. Next thing you know we have SHIELD crawling all over, “area-51-ing” the place.
DARCY: Jane!
JANE: We had a stable gravitational anomaly! We had unimpeded access! Our only competition was ten years old!
DARCY: Jane! You were gone for five hours!
JANE: What?
[They stare at each other, it begins raining but they realise the rain is not falling on them.]
DARCY: That’s weird.
[The camera pans out to reveal a dry circle surrounding them. Jane is holding out her hand but no rain is falling on her. She looks to her left and sees Thor standing meters away, staring at her. She walks to him. The rain falls on Darcy as Jane moves away from her.]
DARCY: Typical.
[As Jane approaches Thor…]
THOR: Jane…
[Jane slaps Thor across the face.]
JANE: Sorry, I just needed to make sure you were real. It’s been a very strange day.
THOR: I am. Jane I..
[Jane slaps him again]
JANE: Where were you?
THOR: Where were you? Heimdall could not see you.
JANE: I was right here where you left me. I was waiting, and then I was crying, and then I went out looking for you… You said you were coming back!
THOR: I know, I know. But the Bifrost was destroyed. The Nine Realms erupted into chaos; wars were raging, marauders were pillaging… I had to put an end to the slaughter.
JANE: As excuses go, it’s not… terrible. But I saw you on TV, you were – you were in New York!
THOR: Jane I fought to protect you from the dangers of my world but.. I was wrong. I was a fool. But I believe that Fate bought us together. Jane I don’t know where you were or what happened, but I do know this.
JANE [swooning]: What?
THOR: I know..
JANE: You do?
THOR: Do what?
JANE: What?
[They lean in towards each other, but as they’re about to go for the Disney kiss, Darcy runs over.]
DARCY: Hey! Is this you?
[She indicates the rain, which Thor instantly stops.]
JANE: Uh, we’re kinda in the middle of something here.
DARCY: Um, I’m pretty sure we are getting arrested.
JANE [to Thor]: Hold that thought.
DARCY [turning to Thor]: Look at you, still all muscly and everything! How’s space?
THOR: Space is fine.


[Jane strides up to one of the policemen.]
JANE: Excuse me!
POLICEMAN: Are you Jane Foster?
JANE: Yes.
POLICMAN: Do you know this man?
[The policeman gestures to Ian, who’s being patted down against a cop car.]
JANE: He’s my intern. My intern’s intern.
POLICEMAN: This is private property and you’re trespassing, the lot of you. You’ll have to come with me.
[The cop reaches out to take Jane’s arm, a burst of Aether explodes from within her and blasts everyone backwards. Thor shields Darcy then runs to Jane, who is lying on the ground.]
THOR: Jane! Jane! Are you alright?
[Thor helps Jane to her feet.]
JANE: What just happened?
POLICEMAN: Place your hands on your heads, step back!
THOR: This woman is unwell.
POLICEMAN: She’s dangeous.
THOR: So am I.
POLICEMAN [into his radio]: Requesting armed response officers to the scene!
THOR [pulls Jane close]: Hold on.
JANE: What are you doing?
[Thor looks up to the sky. The Bifrost opens and beams them up. Darcy steps over the smouldering imprint it left on the ground, and looks up.]
DARCY: Holy shit!


Jane and Thor travel through the Bifrost, to ASGARD. From the observatory, Heimdall watches their entrance.

JANE: We have to do that again!
[She sees Heimdall and falters.]
HEIMDALL: Welcome to Asgard.


On SVARTALFHEIM, Malekith looks over the desolate remains of his homeland, drops to his knees and picks up a handful of dirt. Algrim approaches.

MALEKITH [in Elvish]: Look at my legacy, Algrim. I barely remember the time before light.
[Algrim places a hand on Malekith’s shoulder]
ALGRIM: Our survival will be your legacy.
MALEKITH: The Asgardians will suffer as we have suffered. I will reclaim the Aether. I will restore our world and I’ll put an end to this poisonous world.


On ASGARD. Jane is lying on a table, an energy field of some kind around her. She is surrounded by Asgard’s physician, Eir, stands beside her, alongside her assistants. They study the energy field to try and determine the cause of her illness. Jane points to the thick mass of it floating above her.

JANE: What’s that?
EIR: Be still.
THOR [to one of the healers]: This is not of Earth. What is it?
HEALER: We do not know. But he will not survive the amount of energy surging within her.
JANE [still curious about the energy field]: That’s a quantum field generator, isn’t it?
EIR: It’s a Soul Forge.
JANE: Does a Soul FOrge transfer molecular energy from one place to another?
EIR [looks impressed]: Yes.
JANE [quietly to Thor]: Quantum field generator.
[Thor smiles affectionately. Odin enters]
ODIN: My words are mere noises to you that you ignore them completely?
THOR: She’s ill.
ODIN: She is mortal. Illness is their defining trait.
THOR: I brought her here so we can help her.
ODIN: She does not belong here in Asgard any more than a goat belongs at a banquet table.
[Jane sits up and looks to Thor]:
JANE: Did he just… [she looks to Odin.] Who do you think you are?
ODIN: I am Odin. King of Asgard. Protector of the Nine Realms.
JANE: Oh. Well I’m..
ODIN: I know very well who you are. Jane Foster.
JANE [turns to Thor, smiling]: You told your dad about me?
THOR: Something’s within her father. Something I have not seen.
ODIN: Her world has its healers, they’re called doctors, let them deal with it. Guards! Take her back to Midgard!
[The guards approach Jane, Thor steps forward]
THOR: No I wouldn’t.. [The Aether zaps the guards.] … touch her. Jane, are you alright?
[Odin steps forward and runs his hand over Jane’s arm. As he does so, her skin glows red.]
ODIN: It’s impossible.
ASGARDIAN HEALER: The infection, it’s defending her?
THOR: No. It’s defending itself.
ODIN: Come with me


Odin leads Jane and Thor through the HALL OF SCIENCE; a huge cavernous chamber, at the center of which is Yggdrasil, the World Tree. They enter the palace LIBRARY.

ODIN: There are relics that predate the universe itself. What lies within her appears to be one of them. The Nine Realms are not eternal. They had a dawn, as they will have a dusk. But before that dawn the dark forces, the Dark Elves, reigned absolute and unchallenged.
[Odin carefully opens an ancient, beautifully illuminated book and selects a page. As Thor reads from it, the illustration moves.]
THOR: “Before the eternal night, the Dark Elves come to steal away your light.” These were the stories mother told to us as children.
ODIN: Their leader, Malekith, made a weapon out of that darkness, it was called the Aether. While the other relics often appear as stones, the Aether is fluid, and ever changing. It changes matter into dark matter, and seeks out host bodies, drawing strength from their life force. Malekith sought to use the Aether’s power to return the universe to one of darkness. But, after eternities of bloodshed, my father Bor finally triumphed; ushering in a peace that lasted thousands of years.
JANE: What happened?
ODIN: He killed them all.
THOR: Are you certain? The Aether was said to have been destroyed with them, and yet here it is.
ODIN: The Dark Elves are dead.
JANE: Does your book happen to mention how to get it out of me?
ODIN: No. It does not.


On the DARK ELF ARK, Malekith speaks with Algrim. 

ALGRIM: The worlds are nearly aligned.
MALEKITH: You will be the last of the Kursed.
ALGRIM: Let my life be sacrificed. It is no less than our people did, or you have done.
[Malekith stabs Algrim in the stomach. He presses his forehead against Algrim’s.]
MALEKITH: You will become darkness. Cursed to this existence until it consumes you.
[Malekith places a gem that looks like molten lava into the wound. It is with this gem that Algrim will transform into Kurse.]
MALEKITH: Until then, no power our enemies possess can stop you.
Algrim: I will tear down their defences and ensure your return to a universe reborn.

Another dark elf brings forward a horned mask for Algrim to wear as a Marauder disguise, and a fleet of Harrow Ships, the Dark Elves smaller spacecraft, depart from the Ark.


On ASGARD, the Bifrost opens. Fandral and Volstagg lead a group of shackled prisoners through the Observatory and into the dungeons. Among them is Algrim. With his Marauder disguise, he is able to slip past Heimdall’s watchful eyes.

Volstagg: Acting as caretakers to these scoundrels is beneath us.
Fandral: Oh please, if they were beneath you my rotund friend, they’d all be dead.


From his cell, Loki watches the prisoners file past. He turns to speak to his visitor.

LOKI: Odin continues to bring me new friends. How thoughtful.
FRIGGA: The books I sent, do they not interest you?
LOKI: Is that how I am to while away eternity? Reading?
FRIGGA: I’ve done everything in my power to make you comfortable.
LOKI: Have you? Does Odin share your concern?
[Frigga says nothing]
LOKI: Does Thor? It must be so inconvenient, them asking after me day and night.
FRIGGA: You know full well that your actions brought you here.
LOKI: My actions? I was merely giving truth to the lie that I’ve been fed my entire life. That I was born to be a king.
FRIGGA: A king? A true king admits his faults. What of the lives you took on Earth?
LOKI: A mere handful compared to the number that Odin has taken himself.
FRIGGA: Your father –
LOKI [losing his temper]: He’s not my father!
FRIGGA: Then am I not your mother?
[Loki hesitates, realising that to deny Odin as his father, he must also deny Frigga.]
LOKI: You’re not.
[Frigga forces a smile, but there are tears in her eyes. She steps closer to Loki.]
FRIGGA: Huh. Always so perceptive about everyone but yourself.
[Loki looks regretful. Shaking his head, he steps towards Frigga and moves to place his hands upon her own upturned palms. She slowly dissolves at his touch; she is only an astral projection. Loki looks down and closes his eyes, clearly affected.]


Jane and Thor are strolling around the WATERFRONT at the edge of the Palace. Jane now wears Asgardian attire.

JANE: When you came for me, you knew I was in trouble.
THOR: When Heimdall lost sight of you, you were no longer on Earth.
JANE: Well how is that possible?
THOR: I believe you were and you weren’t.
[They take a seat on a bench. As Thor explains, he takes Jane’s hands in his own and presses their palms together.]
THOR: The Nine Realms travel within Yggdrasil, orbiting Midgard in much the way your planets orbits the sun. Every five thousand years the worlds align perfectly, and we call this the Convergence. During this time the borders between worlds become blurred. It’s possible you found one of these points. We are lucky that it remained open. Once the worlds pass out of alignment, the connection is lost.
[Thor shifts his hands to symbolise the breaking of the alignment between worlds, then leans in to kiss Jane.]
JANE: I like the way you explain things. What will happen to me?
THOR: I’ll find a way to save you, Jane.
JANE: Your father said there was –
THOR: My father doesn’t know everything.
FRIGGA: Don’t let him hear you say that.
[Thor and Jane turn, surprised by Frigga’s approach.]
THOR: Jane Foster, please meet Frigga, Queen of Asgard. My mother.
[Startled, Jane drops Thor’s hands and distances herself from him, embarrassed.


In his PRISON CELL, Loki is lying on his bed, bored, throwing an empty cup into the air and catching it.

Meanwhile, in a cell he shares with other prisoners, Algrim removes the gem from his stomach and crushes it in his palm. His whole body starts to shake as molten heat radiates up his arm and throughout his body. His cell mates panic, and begin shouting for help while banging their fists against their cell’s energy shield.

Hearing the commotion, Loki rises from his bed.

The heat that consumes Algrim grows so intense, it emit an explosive wave of heat so powerful, his fellow inmates are incinerated. His armour clothing and horned mask have become fused to his body like a skin. He has transformed into Kurse.

Using the head of one screaming inmate who survived the blast, Kurse now smashes his way through the energy shield. An alarm is sounded throughout the palace. Two Einherjar within the dungeon rush to stop him, but he lifts them by their throats and roasts them with his molten hot hands. He then proceeds to release the other prisoners.

Beyond the dungeon, Einherjar run to pick up their swords and shields.

With prisoners pouring past like rats, Kurse approaches Loki’s cell, the last in the row. Loki has been watching the prison break with cautious curiosity. As Kurse stands on the other side of the barrier, Loki gives him a long, predatory stare. Kurse turns away, deciding not to release this one from his cell. Unperturbed, Loki offers some parting advice.

LOKI: You might want to take the stairs to the left.

Kurse stops, considers Loki’s words, and turns towards the left.


Within the PALACE Thor, Jane and Frigga hear the alarm.

FRIGGA: The prison.
THOR: Loki.
FRIGGA: Go, I’ll look after her.
[Thor sheds his cloak as he runs to the balcony, leaps from the edge and catches Mjolnir in the air as it hurtles past.]


In the DUNGEONS, Fandral and Volstagg have joined the Einherjar warriors to battle the escaping Marauders.

FANDRAL: It’s as if they resent being in prison!
VOLSTAGG: There’s no pleasing some creatures!
[As soldiers and prisoners battle beyond his cell, Loki sits calmly at the edge of his cell, beside the energy shield, and reads a book. Thor arrives, and a group of Marauders warily back away.]
THOR: Return to your cells and no further harm will come to you. You have my word.
[As he turns his head to the right, a Marauder punches him in the face. Thor grabs him.]
THOR: Very well, you do not have my word.
[He joins in the fight, laying waste to all prisoners in his path.]


Within the PALACE, Odin is leading a squadron of guards and giving order to their commander.

ODIN: Send a squadron to the weapons vault, defend it at all costs. Seal the dungeon.
ODIN: Frigga.
[He looks to the commander awaiting dismissal.]
[Then to Frigga.]
ODIN: It’s a skirmish. Nothing to fear.
FRIGGA: You’ve never been a very good liar.
ODIN: Take her to your chambers. I’ll come for you when it’s safe.
[More soldiers march by, and Jane looks over to see the Lady Sif among them. Sif glares at Jane as she passes.]
FRIGGA: Take care.
[Odin reaches out to Frigga affectionately.]
ODIN: Despite all I have survived, my Queen still worries for me.
FRIGGA: It’s only because I worry over you that you have survived.
[As Frigga and Jane walk briskly away, Frigga takes a short sword from the scabbard of a passing
FRIGGA: Listen to me now. I want you to do everything I ask – no questions.
JANE: Yes ma’am.


In his OBSERVATORY, Heimdall hears the sound of something approaching. He runs out onto the rainbow bridge, matching the pace of the invisible craft he can hear moving alongside him. Jumping up onto one of the bridge’s supports, he runs along it until he reaches the highest peak, from which he leaps off. As he hurtles towards the invisible craft he pulls two daggers from their sheaths at his waist and plunges them into the shell of the craft, dangling from them as the invisibility shield ripples away.  He slides down the dark ship and jams a dagger into the engine.

 As the Harrow Ship crashes upon the bridge, Heimdall jumps clear; an expression of relief on his face for intercepting this invisible intruder. But then he hears more sounds behind him and turns as the shadow of the great dark elf mothership falls across him. It, along with a host of these smaller craft have winked into plain sight. He cannot single-handedly defeat them all.

Heimdall watches, dumbfounded, as they pick up speed towards the great golden city. Asgard’s tries to defend itself with anti-aircraft missiles and the release of its own air-borne craft, but the dark elves are faster, and they are drawing closer to the palace.

 Heimdall runs back into the observatory and thrusts his sword into the control panel. A great energy dome rises up around the Palace itself, shielding it from the attack that is raging upon the rest of the city.  A dark elf harrow ship collides into the energy dome and explodes

 Within the palace, Algrim has found his way to a room where a huge whirling ball of energy – the machine that powers the palace’s protective dome-  is housed. He destroys it, and the dome collapses. A harrow ship crash lands with purpose into the palace, knocking out dozens of supporting columns and taking out everyone in its path as it slides to a halt inside the THRONE ROOM.

 In the DUNGEON, Thor and his comrades glance around as the palace shudders and a rain of dust falls from the ceiling. Frowning, Thor looks to Loki, who glances around with a mildly-uneasy-but-still-fairly-ambiguous-expression. (Note, in the junior novel there is an additional scene here. The link to it is at the end of this .)

Back in the THRONE ROOM, Asgardian soldiers warily approach the silent harrow ship. From within, the dark elves bide their time in silence, waiting for the Einherjar to draw closer. Finally, they judge them close enough and begin firing upon them. Their weapons are hi-tech. Their guns fire lazer beams and their grenades swallow their targets up into miniature black holes.

As the first wave of dark elves engage the Einherjar in battle, Malekith exits the ship. He strides purposefully across the room, removes a grenade from the belt of one of his soldiers and throws it at the throne. The throne is ripped into a black hole, sending a powerful message to the Asgardians: Their reign over the universe is over.

 In his PRISON CELL, Loki watches as the dungeon empties of soldiers, and he is left behind.

 Meanwhile, Odin enters the THRONE ROOM and surveys the damage and carnage. Malekith has already moved on, and the floor is scattered with the remains of Asgardian and dark elf alike. He is struck then with a realisation as to where Malekith might be heading.

ODIN: Frigga.


Malekith has found his way to FRIGGA’S CHAMBER. As they hear him approach the great doors, Jane stands, fearful, and goes to Frigga’s side. Frigga places herself before Jane and faces Malekith as Jane moves into the background.

FRIGGA: Stand down, creature, and you may still survive this.
MALEKITH: I have survived worse, woman.
FRIGGA: Who are you?
MALEKITH: I am Malekith, and I would have what is mine.

[Malekith approaches, Frigga glances behind her to Jane, understanding what it is that Malekith wants. Jane scuttles further back. As Malekith draws closer, Frigga strikes him across the face with her sword. He withdraws his own sword and they begin to fight.

Frigga proves herself to be a strong warrior, and not only disarms Malekith but pins him beneath her with her sword to his throat. At that moment, Kurse comes up from behind, disarms her, and lifts her in the air. He presses her sword against her back in warning.

Malekith now approaches Jane.]

MALEKITH: You have something, child. Give it back.
[He reaches out to Jane, but as he grabs at her she dissolves. Realising she’s a projection, he turns to Frigga.]
MALEKITH: Witch! Where is the Aether!
FRIGGA: I’ll never tell.
MALEKITH: I believe you.

[Kurse slides the sword into her back. At that moment Thor’s anguished cry can be heard as he arrives and sends a burst of lightning from Mjolnir. The lightning strikes Malekith in the face, instantly blackening one side, but he and Algrim run to the balcony. Thor throws his hammer, knocking them over the edge but as he runs forward, a harrow ship flies up and past, out of even Mjonir’s range. They have escaped.

Odin arrives, stars in shock and grief at Frigga for a moment before gathering her still body in his arms.]


On the waterfront, Odin, Thor and the citizens of Asgard gather for the funeral rites. Frigga is floated out  on a boat, and at Odin’s signal an archer sends a flaming arrow onto the boat, setting it alight. As her flaming boat carries on across the water, hundreds of burning arrows soar through the air, alighting on the boats of every other soldier and citizen killed by the invading dark elves.

With hundreds of boats burning behind her like candles, Frigga’s vessel approaches the edge of Asgard’s sea. The waters flow over the edge and into space. Odin strikes his staff, Gungnir, upon the ground, and rather than drop over the edge, Frigga’s funeral vessel continues to drift beyond the water, until her spirit itself rises from the boat and lifts into the cosmos like thousands of scattering stars.

The citizens of Asgard cradle orbs of light, which they now lift towards the sky and release. The orbs float up, each a tribute to a lost loved one.

In his cell, Loki’s reading is interrupted by the arrival of a guard. The guard passes him news of Frigga’s death. Loki inclines his head; dismissing the guard. Then he calmly places his book on the small round table before him, moves to the center of the room and clenches his fists at his side, releasing a burst of telekinetic energy that sends his furniture flying.


On EARTH, Erik Selvig is trying to explain the Convergence to a class. On a blackboard behind him, is a comprehensive diagram of the nine realms.

ERIK SELVIG: The universe rotates on a five thousand year cycle, and once a cycle, all the worlds align.
[He holds up a shoe as an example.]
ERIK: Imagine…Imagine that this is our world, and now..
[he looks around, and another shoe is handed to him]
ERIK: Oh, thank you. And this is another world. Normally they’re separate, but during the alignment everything is connected. All Nine Realms. All Nine Realms are passing through each other and gravity, light, and even matter, is crashing from one world to the other.
[he smacks the shoes together, over and over.]
ERIK: But if this happens to us now, the result would be cataclysmic.
[he puts the shoes on the desk and picks up two pencils, now holding them before him]
ERIK: My gravimetric spikes can stabilize the focal point of the Convergence.
[he swaps the pencils for the shoes once more, and waves them about so that they no longer collide.]
ERIK: This time the alignment, and all the other worlds, would just pass up by. It’s beautiful. It’s simple. Any questions?
[we now see his class of students are in fact fellow patients with whom he shares a psychiatric ward. No one is paying any attention to him, expect for one patient (cue the Stan Lee cameo)]
STAN LEE/PATIENT: Yeah. Can I have my shoe back?


In DEEP SPACE, Malekith is regaining his strength, following the injury inflicted upon his face from Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

ALGRIMl [Elvish]: Heal. You will need your strength to reclaim the Aether. And when you wake, we will kill them all.


On ASGARD, Jane sits alone in her chamber. She walks out onto the balcony where the Aether’s blood red vision descends upon her, turning all she sees to crimson darkness. The vision is interrupted by the arrival of guards.

TYR:  Jane Foster, you need to come with us.


In the THRONE ROOM, the Allfather stands with his council of men before the ruins of his throne. Between them is a holographic model of the Palace.

FANDRAL: We are still unable to restore the palace shields. Our artillery cannot detect them, even Heimdall cannot see them. My King, we are all but defenceless.
[Thor approaches.]
THOR: She’s your prisoner now?
[Odin looks to his son and turns away. Thor looks to those who stand in discussion with Odin.]
ODIN: Leave us.
[After the men depart, Odin descends the stairs.]
ODIN: I do not wish to fight with you.
THOR: Nor I with you. But I intend to pursue Malekith.
ODIN: We possess the Aether. Malekith will come to us.
THOR: Yes. And you will destroy us.
ODIN: You over-estimate the power of these creatures.
THOR: No, I value our people’s lives. I’ll take Jane to the Dark World and draw the enemy away from Asgard. When Malekith pulls the Aether from Jane, it will be exposed and vulnerable, and I will destroy it and him.
ODIN: And if you fail? You risk this weapon falling into the hands of our enemies.
THOR: The risk is far greater if we do nothing. His ship could be over our heads right now, we would never even know it.
ODIN: If and when he comes, his men will fall on ten thousand Asgardian blades.
THOR: And how many of our men shall fall on theirs?
ODIN [shouting]: As many as are needed! [Odin leans over his staff, as if over-exerted.] Ach! [He regains himself as Thor steps forward.] We will fight! Til the last Asgardian breath. Til the last drop of Asgardian blood.
THOR: Then how are you different from Malekith?
ODIN [laughing]: The difference, my son, is that I will win.
[Odin turns and walks away, leaving Thor staring troubled after him.]


On EARTH, Darcy is pacing Jane’s apartment while Ian watches the news.

DARCY: Jane isn’t calling me back, Erik isn’t calling me back, stupid SHIELD isn’t calling me back!
DARCY: It’s a secret.
[She leaves a message on Erik’s voicemail.]
DARCY: Oh hey Erik, it’s Darcy again… Ah, Thor came back, he took Jane to Asgard, and um, I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.
[Ian is still staring at the TV when the news shifts to a more relevant subject.]
News Reporter on TV: Something else went missing this week, when astrophysicist Dr. Erik Selvig, notable for his involvement in the alien invasion of New York, streaked nude across Stonehenge…
IAN: Darcy, you really need to look at this. Your friend Erik… What was his last name again?
News Reporter: …disrobed, and began shouting at visitors to the historic site. He was later taken into police custody for psychiatric evaluation. Police are still refusing to confirm...
[Darcy sits beside Ian on the couch. Ian pauses the news report on a close up of crazy-eyed Selvig. Darcy’s expression crumples in dismay.]


On ASGARD, Thor sits alone in an empty corner of a tavern. Heimdall approaches and takes a seat at his table, removing his helmet in the process.
THOR: Your not in Odin’s war council?
HEIMDALL: The Bifrost is closed by your father’s orders. No one is to come or to go. We face an enemy that is invisible even to me. What use is a guardian such as that?
THOR: Malekith will return, you know this. But I need your help.
Heimdall: I cannot over-rule my King’s wishes. Not even for you.
THOR: I’m not asking you to. The realms need their Allfather strong and unchallenged, whether he is or not. But he is blinded, Heimdall. By hatred and by grief.
HEIMDALL: As are we all.
Thor: Well I see clearly enough.
HEIMDALL; The risks are too great.
THOR: Everything that we do from here on is a risk, there is no other way.
[Heimdall considers Thor’s words.]
HEIMDALL: What do you require of me?
THOR: What I’m about to ask of you is treason of the highest order. Success will bring us exile and failure shall mean our death. Malekith knew the Aether was here, he can sense its power. If we do nothing he will come for it again, but this time lay waste to all of Asgard.


Thor has called his closest friends to a secret meeting. Lady Sif, Fandral and Volstagg have now joined Heimdall to hear Thor’s plan.

THOR: We must move Jane off-world.
SIF: The Bifrost has been shut down and the Tesseract locked away in the vault.
Heimdall: There are other paths off Asgard. Ways known only to a few.
THOR: One, actually.
[His comrades realise Thor is meaning to enlist in Loki’s help.]
Volstagg: No.


In the DUNGEONS, Thor approaches Loki’s cell. Loki walks towards the energy barrier to meet him.

LOKI: Thor. After all this time, and now you come to visit me. Why? Have you come to gloat? To mock?
THOR: Loki enough. No more illusions.
[Loki closes his eyes and bends his head, disappearing with a ripple of magic. The illusion of a neat tidy cell drops away, to show a room scattered with upturned furniture, and Loki sitting against the opposite wall. His foot bleeding, his clothing torn, his hair a mess.]
LOKI: Now you see me brother.
[Thor approaches him from the other side of the barrier.]
LOKI: Did she suffer?
THOR: I did not come here to share our grief. Instead I offer you the chance of a far richer sacrament.
LOKI: Go on.
THOR: I know you seek vengeance as much as I do. You help me escape Asgard and I will grant it to you; vengeance. And afterward, this cell.
LOKI [chuckles]: You must be truly desperate to come to me for help. What makes you think you can trust me?
THOR: I don’t. Mother did. But you should know that when we fought each other in the past, I did so with the glimmer of hope that my brother was still in there somewhere. That hope no longer exists to protect you. You betray me and I will kill you.
LOKI [smiling]: When do we start?


[Flashing back to the meeting, Thor’s discussion continues with his comrades.]
FANDRAL: He will betray you.
THOR: He will try.


Freed from prison, Loki and Thor walk down a wide plaza lined with pillars.

LOKI: This is so unlike you, brother. So clandestine. Are you sure you wouldn’t rather just punch your way out?
THOR: If you keep speaking I just might.
LOKI: Fine. As you wish. I’m not even here.
Loki shape-shifts into an Einherjar guard.
LOKI: Is this better?
THOR: It’s better company at least.
LOKI: Still, we could be less conspicuous.
Loki changes back into his own form, and transforms Thor into Sif.
LOKI: Mmm brother, you look ravishing.
Thor looks down at his feminine boy before replying in his own voice.
THOR: It will hurt no less when I kill you in this form.
LOKI: Very well. Perhaps you prefer one of your new companions, given that you seem to like them so much.
Loki now morphs into Captain America.
LOKI: Oh, this is much better. Woah! Costume’s a bit much, it’s so tight! But the confidence! I can feel the righteousness surging! Hey, wanna have a rousing discussion about truth, honor, patriotism? God bless America…
[Thor suddenly grabs Loki and slams him into a pillar, a palm pressed against his mouth.]
LOKI [after he’s released]: What?
[Thor turns in the direction of two soldiers walking along the plaza.
LOKI: You can at least furnish me with a weapon. My dagger, something!
[Thor looks at him and the sound of sliding metal can be heard. Loki smiles.]
LOKI: At last, a little common sense.
[Loki looks down just as Thor snaps on a pair of handcuffs.]
THOR: I thought you liked tricks.
[Thor laughs and continues onwards.]


[Back to the meeting Thor holds with his friends.

Fandral: But what then? Your lovely mortal is being guarded by a legion of Einherjar guards who will see you coming from miles away.
Thor: I won’t be the one who comes for her
[Thor turns and looks to Sif.]


An Einherjar guard open the door of JANE’S CHAMBER for another guard who is carrying a meal for her. She looks up, clearly unhappy.

JANE: I’m not hungry.
[Sif enters behind the guards and knocks them both out.]
SIF: Good. Let’s go.
[Sif escorts Jane though the palace to where Thor waits with Loki. As Jane sees Loki, she draws ahead of Sif.]
JANE: You’re –
LOKI: I’m Loki. You may have heard of me.
[Jane smacks him across the face.]
JANE: That was for New York.
[Loki laughs, and looks to Thor.]
LOKI: I like her.


Flashback to Thor’s meeting.

SIF: And what of the Allfather?
HEIMDALL: It is my sworn duty to notify him of crimes against authority.


Heimdall is at his post in the OBSERVATORY. Odin enters, accompanied by four of his Einherjar guards.

ODIN: You called me here on an urgent matter. What is it.
HEIMDALL: Treason, my lord.
ODIN: Whose?
[Heimdall pulls his great sword out from the control panel of the observatory. The movement causes the guards to step towards him, though he lays it across his palm in surrender. At that moment, Captain of the guard, Tyr, enters.]
TYR: My king, the mortal has been taken.
[Tyr looks to Heimdall. Odin follows his gaze, realisation dawning. Heimdall stands his ground, silent. Odin speaks to Tyr, but continues to hold Heimdalls gaze as he does so.]
ODIN: Stop Thor. By any means necessary.
[Tyr leaves, flanked by two guards. We are now left to assume Heimdall is taken into custody.]


In the PALACE, guards locate and approach Thor, Sif, Loki and Jane from the other side of the plaza.

GUARD 1: There they are! Take them!
GUARD 2: On my command.
[Thor steps towards them, but is stopped by Sif.]
SIF: I’ll hold them off. Take her.
THOR: Thank you.
[The Einherjar draw their swords as Thor ushers Jane away. Loki turns to follow but is stopped by Sif’s blade at his throat.]
SIF: Betray him, and I’ll kill you.
LOKI [laughing]: It’s good to see you too, Sif.
[Sif withdraws her blade as Loki saunters away, and turns to face the guards, she swings her sword as she prepares herself to face them, and it transforms into a double-bladed sword.]


Flashback to Thor’s meeting.

VOLSTAGG: Assuming you can get Loki’s help and you can free this mortal, what good would it do? We’d all be dead the minute we step one foot outside the palace.
Thor: That, my friend, is why we won’t be leaving by foot.


Thor, Loki and Jane walk across the PALACE PLAZA to the crashed Harrow Ship from which Malekith rode in on earlier. Volstagg stands waiting for them. 

VOLSTAGG: I will give you as much time as I can.
THOR: Thank you my friend.
[Volstagg and Jane nodd to each other. As Loki passes, Volstagg stops him.]
VOLSTAGG: If you even think about betraying him…
LOKI: You’ll kill me? Evidently, there will be a line.


Within the Dark Elf HARROW SHIP, Thor starts pushing random buttons.

LOKI: I thought you said you knew how to fly this thing.
THOR: I said. “how hard could it be?”


Einherjar soldiers are now jogging in pursuit. They reach the plaza where the Volstagg stands before the Harrow Ship, double-headed axe held ready.

GUARD: They’re on the ship! Get to the ship!
[Volstagg begins fighting them.]


On board the Harrow Ship.

LOKI: Well, whatever you’re doing brother, I suggest you do it faster.
THOR: Shut up, Loki.
LOKI: You must have missed something.
THOR: No, I didn’t. I’m pressing every button on this thing.
LOKI: No don’t hit it. Just press it gently.
THOR [begins thumping buttons in irritation]: I am pressing it gently! It’s not working!
[The lights and internal displays come on as the engine starts up.]
Thor: Ha ha!


Volstagg is still fighting soldiers, but they are overcoming in.

SOLDIER: Get him! Get him!
VOLSTSAGG [as he goes to the bottom of the dogpile]: Haha!


At last Thor figures out the controls for the Harrow Ship, and it begins to slowly rotate, taking out palace columns along the way.

LOKI: I think you missed a column.
THOR: Shut up!

The Harrow Ship lifts off and bursts through a palace wall, twisting and swooping through the CITY OF ASGARD.

LOKI: Look, why don’t you let me take over? I’m clearly the best pilot.
THOR: Is that right? Well, out of the two of us, which one can actually fly.
[As Thor maneuvers the Harrow Ship through the city, Jane faints to the floor.]
LOKI: Oh dear. Is she dead?
THOR: Jane!
Jane: I’m okay.
[Thor swoops too close to a building and takes off to the top of it. Loki starts to open his mouth.]
THOR: Not a word.
[Three of Asgard’s flying skiffs are on their tail.]
LOKI: Now they’re following us.
[The skiffs begin firing.]
LOKI: Now they’re firing at us!
THOR: Yeah, thank you for the commentary, Loki, it’s not at all distracting!
[As they swoop towards a tunnel, the wing of the Harrow Ship slices through the neck of a huge stone statue of King Bor.]
LOKI: Well done. You just decapitated your grandfather.
[They exit the city and now fly over water, parallel to a bridge stretching towards distant mountains.]
Loki: You know, this is wonderful. This is a tremendous idea. Let’s steal the biggest, most obvious ship in the universe and escape in that. Flying around the city, smashing into everything in sight so everyone can see us. It’s brilliant, Thor! It’s truly brilliant!

Thor reaches across and shoves Loki out of the open door. Loki plummets, screaming. Thor then picks up Jane and jumps after him.



Thor lands upon a flying skiff driven by Fandral, as Loki is climbing to his feet. 

FANDRAL (laughing): I see your time in the dungeons has made you no less graceful, Loki.
[Loki ignores him and looks up to the Harrow Ship which veers to their right, towards a mountain range, and with the three skiffs still in pursuit.]
LOKI: You lied to me. I’m impressed.
THOR: I’m glad you’re pleased. Now, do as you promised. Take us to your secret pathway.

Loki takes hold of the tiller and begins grinning in genuine glee. Until now they’ve traveled alongside the bridge, but just above the waterline. Now they have to veer to the right, and this brings them to the attention of another Asgardian skiff, which gives chase and begins firing. Loki weaves from left to right to avoid lazer-fire, then lifts the skiff higher to bring them in line with his secret pathway.

THOR: Fandral.
FANDRAL. Right. For Asgard.
[Fandral takes hold of a rope and drops off the edge of the skiff, using the rope to swing onto the pursuing skiff.]
FANDRAL: Nothing personal, boys.
[He knocks the soldiers out, then salutes to Thor.]


Loki now steers the skiff to a rocky mountain peak, where a very small narrow cave can just be seen.

THOR: Loki…
LOKI: It if were easy, everyone would do it.
THOR: Are you mad?
LOKI: Possibly.

Loki steers the skiff into the cave. It is so narrow that the edges of the skiff smash against the walls of the tunnel/cave. Iridescent crystals can be seen on the walls of the cave, and as they whizz through, the crystals light up with the same effect as that of the bifrost. Eveything blurs. 

The skiff exits the cave/tunnel and ricochets off the black sands of SVARTALFHEIM.

LOKI: Ta-da!


Within the Dark Elf ARK, Kurse approaches Malekith.

Kurse [in Elvish]: We must strike now.
Malekith: No. Asgard is meaningless. The Aether has found its way home.


Upon the dead realm of SVARTALFHEIM, Thor’s skiff glides over dead plains and broken cities. He places a cover over Jane, who is still unconscious. Loki watches and shakes his head.

LOKI: What I could do with the power that flows through those veins.
THOR: It would consume you.
LOKI: She’s holding up alright. For now.
THOR: She’s strong in ways you’d never even know.
LOKI: Say goodbye.
THOR: Not this day.
LOKI: This day, the next, a hundred years, it’s nothing. It’s a heartbeat. You’ll never be ready. The only woman whose love you prized will be snatched from you.
THOR: And will that satisfy you?
LOKI: Satisfaction is not in my nature.
THOR: Surrender is not in mine.
LOKI: The son of Odin…
THOR: No. Not just of Odin. [Thor rises and steps towards Loki.] You think you alone were loved of Mother? You had her tricks, but I had her trust.
LOKI: Trust? Was that her last expression? Trust? When you let her die?
Thor: What help were you in your cell?
LOKI: Who put me there? Who put me there!
[Thor leaps towards Loki and knocks him back]
THOR: You know damn well. You know damn well who!
[Thor raises his fist to Loki but stops himself from taking the swing. Both brothers pause in shock. Thor backs away.]
THOR: She wouldn’t want us to fight.
[Loki thinks about this for a moment and his expression lightens.]
LOKI: Well she wouldn’t exactly be shocked.
[The brothers half-laugh at each other.]
THOR: I wish I could trust you.
[He turns from Loki, who stares after him with an expression one could almost interpret as regret. Loki stands.]
LOKI: Trust my rage.


In LONDON, Darcy and Ian are signing the release forms for Erik Selvig.

GUARD: You’ll have to sign for your father’s belongings, Mr Selvig.
[Darcy smacks an absent-minded Ian, who turns his attention to the guard.]
IAN: What? Oh, yeah. My father, Dr. Erik Selvig.
GUARD [nods, then begins listing Erik’s confiscated belongings.]: One man’s leather wallet, brown. One keyring, three keys. Prescription medicine… Various. And…
DARCY [sees Erik approaching and walks towards him]: Erik!
Guard [to Ian]: These.
IAN [looks at what appears to be a bunch of scientific tent poles]: Yeah. Those. Thank goodness.
DARCY: Erik!
ERIK [looks blankly at Darcy]: Yes?
DARCY: It’s, uh, Darcy.
ERIK [understanding dawns and he steps forward to give her a hug]: Darcy. So good to see you!
DARCY: Oh, I missed you too.
ERIK: How did you find me?
IAN: You were naked on TV.
DARCY [still stuck in Erik’s embrace]: Okay, time to go, lot’s to do. Getting weird now.
[They walk through a corridor, Ian is struggling to carry Erik’s gadgets.]
DARCY: I should not be left in charge of stuff like this. I don’t get paid enough. I don’t get paid, period.
IAN [as Erik grabs his bag of meds off him]: I’m Ian by the way, uh, Darcy’s intern. Yeah, I don’t get paid either. Are you alright?
ERIK [knocking back pills]: I’ve had a God in my brain. I don’t recommend it.
[The tent poles Ian is carrying begin to beep.]
IAN: Dr. Selvig, sir, your gear is beeping at me.
ERIK: It’s happening. Sooner than I calculated.
DARCY: Wait, what’s happening?
[Erik stops to stare at a flock of birds in the sky.]
DARCY: Birds? Birds are happening?
IAN: They’re starlings. It’s called a murmuration. My dad, he used to take me bird watching as a kid.
DARCY: Nerd.
ERIK: Look!
[The birds disappear in mid-flight.]
DARCY: Where’d they go?
[Moments later the birds errupt from the very ground at their feet and fly back into the air. Darcy screams.]
DARCY: What the hell was that? Why are you smiling?
ERIK: There’s nothing more reassuring than realizing that the world is crazier than you are. [He throws his bag of meds into a nearby bin.] Take me to Jane’s lab!


On SVARTALFHEIM and Thor’s skiff is still gliding overtop of the remains of a ruined Dark Elf city. Jane wakes. When her eyes open, her irises have changed to a brilliant blue. Thor and Loki look to her as she begins to rise.

THOR: Jane.
[Jane sits up and moves to the bow. In the distance she sees the Ark appearing through the clouds.]
JANE: Malekith.

Loki, Thor and Jane move towards the edge of a cliff and watch Malekith and the Dark Elves exit the Ark on the plains below. Loki narrows his eyes as he watches Kurse and Malekith stride across the sand. Thor looks to his companions.

THOR: All right. Are you ready?
[Jane nods]
LOKI: I am. 
[Thor and Loki step away from Jane to speak. Malekith sees them standing on the cliff-edge]
LOKI: You know, this plan of yours is going to get us killed?
THOR: yes, possibly. 
[Loki holds up his cuffed wrists to Thor. Thor hesitates.]
LOKI: You still don’t trust me brother?
THOR: Would you?
[Thor releases Loki from his handcuffs.]
LOKI: No I wouldn’t.
[Loki stabs Thor with a dagger and flings him down the hill.]
JANE: Thor! No!
[Malekith watches and starts towards them.]
LOKI: Do you really think I cared about Frigga? About anybody?  All I ever wanted was you and Odin, dead at my feet!
[Thor reaches out his hand to summon Mjolnir. Loki cuts off his hand with his dagger, then grabs Jane.]
LOKI: Malekith! I am Loki of Jotunheim, and I bring you a gift!
[He throws Jane at Malekith’s feet.]
LOKI: I ask only one thing return. A good seat from which to watch Asgard burn.
Kurse [to Malekith in Elvish]: He is an enemy of Asgard. He was a prisoner in their dungeons.
[Malekith and Loki assess each other, and Malekith walks over to Thor.]
MALEKITH: Look at me.
Malekith nudges Thor with his foot. He rolls to his back with difficulty. Malekith sees his amputed hand and raises one arm. Jane levitates into the air. Loki and Thor watch as Malekith draws the Aether from Jane. Jane sees a vision of the universe turning to darkness. When the Aether leaves her body, she drops to the ground, the Aether temporarily hovers in the air between them.
THOR: Loki! Now!
Loki magics Thor’s hand back into place then leaps over to Jane, shielding her as Thor calls Mjolnir and tries to destroy the Aether. He cannot.
Malekith draws the Aether into him and departs to his ship. Loki and Thor try to stop him but Kurse throws a black hole grenade at them. Loki pushes Jane out of range but then he is sucked into the black hole. Thor hurtles through the black hole to save him.
Thor and Kurse begin to fight as Loki deals with the handful of Dark Elves. Thor is no match for Kurse, who is winning the battle, even deflecting Mjolnir as Thor tries to call it to him.
After Loki defeats the Dark Elves, he looks to Thor and sees him being smashed into the ground. He approaches from behind and runs Kurse through with a huge blade. Kurse turns and impales Loki through the chest with the same blade.
[Kurse flings Loki to the ground and walks towards him. He seems completely unaffected by his injury.]
LOKI: See you in Hel, monster.
[Kurse looks down and sees Loki has activated the black hole grenade he wears at his hip. Before he can tear it free it explodes, sucking the mutated Dark Elf into a black hole. Thor rushes to Loki’s side.]
Thor: No, no, no… [Thor gathers Loki in his arms.] Oh, you fool, you didn’t listen.
Loki: I know… I’m a fool, I’m a fool.
Thor: Stay with me, okay?
Loki: I’m sorry… I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
THOR: Shh… It’s okay.
[Loki’s expression grows calm as he stops shaking. His face begins to turn a strange mottled soot color.]
Thor: It’s all right. I’ll tell Father what you did here today.
LOKI: I didn’t do it for him.
[Thor screams in anguish as Loki dies.]

Thor and Jane leave Loki behind and walk across the dark plains of Svartelfheim as a huge sand storm begins to pick up around them. They enter a cave.

JANE: He’s gonna unleash it. Not just on Asgard or on a star. Malekith is going to destroy everything.
THOR: How? Jane, how?
JANE: I saw him on Earth. Why would he go to Earth?
THOR: The Convergence.
JANE: God. None of this would have happened if I hadn’t found the Aether.
THOR: Then Malekith would’ve only possessed it that much sooner.
JANE: I only found it because I was looking for you.
THOR: Jane…
JANE: Now we’re trapped here.
[At that moment, a Convenient Ring Tone starts playing. Jane and Thor look Conveniently Puzzled.]
THOR: It’s… Not me.
[Jane takes her phone.]
JANE: Hello?
RICHARD: Hi Jane, it’s Richard.
JANE: Richard! Where are you?
RICHARD: I’m still in the office. It’s been a crazy day here today.
[Jane is walking around the cave, holding her phone up in the air to test signal strength.]
JANE: My god this is amazing!
RICHARD: Is it? I quite enjoyed our lunch despite never actually ordering anything.
JANE [still holding the phone in the air]: How am I getting service here?
RICHARD: Is this a bad time? Do you want me to try later?
JANE: No no no! Whatever you do, do not hang up the phone.
RICHARD: Okay then. I was just wondering if you wanna try again? Ah, maybe dinner next time?
JANE: Ah yeah yeah, just stay on the phone, okay?
RICHARD: Yeah, I will.
JANE [sees soda can on the ground]: Oh my god. [Then she sees Darcy’s car keys and picks them up with a gasp.]
RICHARD: Am I interrupting something?
JANE: No no no, nothing at all. [To Thor] Come on!
RICHARD: I’m losing you there, are you in a tunnel?
THOR: Wait, where are we going?
THOR [looking at the ground]: Why are so many shoes in here?
[Thor and Jane suddenly disappear as they step into the portal that links to Earth. Richard looks at his phone. He’s lost the connection.]
Richard [mutters to himself]: I’ll just text her.


Now in LONDON, Jane and Thor exit the building where Jane first found the Aether and get into the station wagon which now has smashed in windows and graffiti. As Thor squeezes himself into the car, he looks to Jane.

THOR: So, who’s Richard?
JANE: Really?
[She drives them back to her apartment. As they enter, Darcy jumps up in surprise. Thor hangs Mjolnir on a coat hook.]
DARCY: Jane!
JANE: Hey.
DARCY: You can’t just leave like that. The whole world is going crazy. All the stuff we saw is spreading. Did you go to a party?
JANE: Erik!
ERIK: Jane! How wonderful. Oh! [He gives her a hug then looks at her clothing.] You’ve been to Asgard.
JANE: Where are your pants.
IAN: Oh, he, uh… He says it helps him think.
JANE: Okay, well, I’m going to need everything you’ve got on this. All the work you’ve been doing on gravimetric anomolies, everything.
ERIK :Okay.
THOR [looks concerned]: Are you well, Erik?
ERIK [begins to laugh, then turns serious]: Your brother’s not coming, is he?
THOR: Loki is dead.
ERIK: Oh, thank God! I.. I mean’t, I’m so sorry.
THOR: Thank you.
[Erik steps forward and hugs him, though grins with relief over his shoulder.]


On SVARTALFHEIM  an Einherjar soldier shimmers with the green glow of Loki’s magic as he appears to survey something on the ground – presumably the body of the real soldier who had Odin had sent. He turns and walks towards a waiting skiff.

Now in ASGARD we then see Odin standing at the foot of his broken throne. Head bowed. The same guard (aka Loki) approaches.]

SOLDIER/LOKI: Forgive me, my liege. I’ve returned from the Dark World with news.
ODIN [ turns his head]: Thor?
SOLDIER/LOKI: There was no sign of Thor, or the weapon, but…
ODIN [turns to the soldier now]: What?
SOLDIER/LOKI: We found a body.
ODIN [looks away, then looks back to the soldier: Loki.
[Soldier/Loki says nothing, but looks up from beneath his helm and gives a dark smile.]


In LONDON, Thor, Jane, Darcy, Selvig and Ian sit around a table in JANE’S APARTMENT.

JANE: Malekith is going to fire the Aether at a spot where all the nine world are connecting.
ERIK: Amplifying the weapon’s impact. For each additional world, the power will increase exponentially. The effect would be universal.
THOR: Yes but the alignment is only temporary. He must be in exactly the right place at the right time.
DARCY: Well, how do we know where that is?
ERIK: We follow the directions. [He grabs a world map.] This has happened before, thousands of years ago, and the Ancients were there to see it.
[He sweeps stuff off a table and spreads out the map.]
ERIK: All the great constructions, the Mayans, the Chinese, the Egyptians.  They made use of the gravitational effects of the Convergence. And they left us a map.  [Erik begins ruling lines on the map] Stonehenge, Snowden, the Great Orme. These are all coordinates taking us… Here. [He points to GREENWICH.]
IAN: Greenwich?
DARCY: The walls between worlds will be almost non-existent. Physics is going to go ballistic. Increases and decreases in gravity, spatial extrusions… The very fabric of reality is going to be torn apart.
[Thor calls the hammer to him.]
ERIK: I better get my pants.


GREENWICH… Darcy and Ian are unloading Erik’s scientific tent poles from their vehicle near the University campus.

DARCY: Focus! This is important. We have to hammer them in all around the site, and then Jane and Erik will activate them from the tower.
ERIK: They’re taped together.
DARCY: Do you even know what these things do?
IAN: Uh… No.
DARCY: Neither do I.


Jane and Erik stride through Greenwich University’s library. A woman tells them to shhh. Darcy and Erik reach their first location and Ian begins hammering the first pole into place.

DARCY: Come on, come on, come on!
IAN: Right.

Malekith’s Ark starts to ripple into sight as it cuts through the water, approaching the university. People start running and screaming. Darcy and Ian see it approach.

DARCY: Holy… Shit.

The ARK tears up roading as it slices through the ground. Cars crash. People run and scream. When the spacecraft stops, Malekith exits, and stares up at the Convergence beginning its alignment in the sky above. Thor drops from the sky and lands before Malekith.

MALEKITH: You needn’t have come so far, Asgardian. Death would’ve come to you soon enough.
THOR: Not by your hand.
MALEKITH: Your universe was never meant to be. Your world and your family will be extinguished!
[Malekith throws out his arms and the power of the Aether flies out from him. Thor falls back.]


Meanwhile, Erik and Jane are trying to get ready. Jane is adjusting controls on her equipment.

ERIK: We’re running out of time.
JANE: Almost there.
ERIK: Are you sure this is going to work? These devices were made to detect anomolies, not cause them.
JANE [gets her device working]: Oh, come on.


Thor gets to his feet as Malekith sends another Aether blast his way. Again Thor is flung back.
Jane and Erik look out the window. Jane starts running to a new location.

JANE: Come on Darcy!

As Malekith prepares another blast of Aether from within himself, Thor braces himself against it.

THOR: You know, with all that power, I thought you’d hit harder.

Malekith draws himself upwards and the Aether swirls around him, Thor throws Mjolnir at him, sending Malekith flying backwards through the Dark Elves standing behind him, and crashing through concrete pillars and into a vehicle. Thor pursues.


Ian finishes hammering the last pole into the ground. Jane watches from the building and waits for him to finish.

IAN: Done.
[Darcy gives Jane a thumbs up. Jane runs to Erik, who is watching the realms align in the sky above.]
ERIK: The Convergence will be in full effect in seven minutes.
JANE: That just means we have to keep Malekith busy for eight.
[She turns dials on her device.]
JANE: Okay you might want to hold on to something.
[Erik clutches the pillar. Jane turns a dial and air ripples around a group of Dark Elves as they disappear.]
DARCY [on the phone to Jane]: That is awesome! How did you do that?
JANE: Well, the gravitational fields interact with weak spots between worlds, creating…
DARCY: Ooh! Get the guy with the sword!
[Jane turns a dial. Darcy and Ian disappear.]
JANE: Oops.
ERIK: Let’s go.


Darcy and Ian appear on a street.

DARCY: Um… What the hell just happened?
[The air ripples beside them and a Dark Elf crashes onto a car. Ian screams.]
DARCY: Move!


Thor and Malekith are fighting. Inside the university library, students run to the windows to watch. Jane and Erik run past.

JANE: What are you all doing? You need to get out of here, now!
STUDENT: You’re joking, right? That’s Thor out there! He’s waving his hammer around and everything!


Outside, Thor slams his hammer on the ground, a ripple of energy tears up the ground and causes the library windows to shatter. Then suddenly he, Malekith and a bunch of cars are sucked backwards, into a portal.

Now they’re tumbling across the black sand dunes of Svartalfheim.

As they go over a cliff and start falling into a ravine, they ripple through another portal and are fall through the air above London, crashing into the dome of St. Pauls Cathedral along the way. The cars that have been tumbling alongside them smash upon the road, but Thor and Malekith seemingly become swallowed by the road – having entered another portal which takes them again to Svartalfheim.

Thor throws his hammer at Malekith, but it disappears into the air between them, and ends up back on Earth. The hammer rises up into space in effort to find its way back to Thor.

Thor and Malekith stand silently against each other before Malekith releases another burst of Aether upon Thor. Thor is driven to the ground, and as Malekith slams a fist into him, they both disappear through the sand and are once more falling towards London.

This time they hit the Swiss Re Tower and slide down the peak of its glass dome as surprised restaurant patrons on the top floor look on.

Thor calls for his hammer as he falls, but Mjolnir reaches his location just as he once again winks out of sight. The confused hammer flies upwards, smashing along the tower as it climbs towards the sky.


Two military jets fly towards Malekith’s ARK.

PILOT 1: Confirming ship is hostile.
RADIO: Confirmed, ship is hostile. You have permission to engage.
PILOT: Roger. Missiles locked. Missiles away.
[The missiles veer away (disappear?) The jet starts to lose control.]
PILOT: Missiles off-target. I repeat, target missed. I’m losing control.
[The jets are now flying through Vanaheim.]
PILOT: Mayday! Mayday! Lost positive control!
[Hogun watches in disbelief as the jets hurtle past.]


GREENWICH UNIVERSITY – Jane and Erik are running.

ERIK: What are you doing?
JANE: My signal’s not connecting.
[Parts of the building crashes around them. A group of dark elves turn the corner behind them. Jane stops to turn dials.]
ERIK: Jane! Come on.


Thor and Malekith crash upon JOTUNHEIM. A Frost Beast erupts from the ice and smashes onto the icy shelf on which they stand. The shelf crumbles and they all plummet into a ravine.

…Where of course another portal returns them to EARTH – the Frost Beast also.


Darcy and Ian run through the streets of London and narrowly miss the lazer-fire of pursuing Dark Elves. The Frost Beast charges through an alley and unwittingly saves them by snatching a Dark Elf up in its jaws and eating it, causing the other elves to flee in the opposite direction before the beast bounds away.

Lying on the ground, Ian notices the car beside him is floating inches above the road. He sees the elves returning as Darcy rises to her feet. Remembering what the child did with the truck, he lifts the car and throws it upon the elves, crushing them. Darcy looks at Ian in astonishment.

IAN: Are you alright?
DARCY: You saved my life.
IAN. Yeah. I guess I did.
[Darcy approaches Ian]


Jane and Erik are still running. Dark Elves are also running. (In a useless fashion that puts me in mind of chickens without their heads. Not that I’ve seen such a thing, but I hear it’s much the way a Dark Elf runs when stranded on Midgard.)

As Jane and Erik slow to a halt before a group of Dark Elves  who stare like gaping codfish, the air shimmers and the Elves disappear, to be replaced by Erik and Darcy. Darcy has Erik tipped back in her arms, and is kissing him.

JANE: Darcy?
[Darcy looks up and releases Ian, who falls to the ground.]
DARCY: Jane!
ERIK: Ian!
IAN: Selvig!
[Mjolnir flies past, still trying to find its way back to Thor.]
DARCY: Mew mew!


Despite having fallen through the same portal, Malekith and Thor land in two separate locations. Malekith ends up right where he needs to be, Thor suddenly finds himself in a subway station. He turns to find a train has just opened its doors to let passengers on/off and he meets the gaze of a woman standing in the train.

THOR: How do I get to Greenwich?
WOMAN: Take this train. Three stops.
[Thor steps into the train, beside the woman. As the train departs, the woman is accidentally thrown against Thor’s chest.]
WOMAN: Sorry, sorry.
[Thor says nothing, but grins. Approximately 3.4 million fangirls shake their fists and yell at the screen.]


Malekith approaches the ARK. The Convergence is aligning above it. The Aether begins swirling like a tornado around him as he steps forward and throws up his arms.


Jane and Erik step outside to see the Alignment taking place. 

JANE: We’re out of time.
ERIK: Jane. Jane!
[Jane runs.]


The Aether is now swirling around the Ark, climbing upwards towards the aligning worlds. Tendrils of Aether snake first into Asgard, blackening the Observatory with its touch.

Thor arrives at the site of the Convergence. Jane and Erik reach him at the same time.

JANE: Thor! We’re too late.
ERIK: The Convergence is at it’s peak.
[Thor looks to the equipment Erik is carrying.]
THOR: Can those things stop it?
ERIK: Not from here.
JANE: We can’t get close enough.
THOR: I can.

Thor takes the equipment from Erik and runs into the swirling Aether. He has to force his way through it, while Malekith stands oblivious, hands outstretched as he releases the Aether into the realms.

THOR: Malekith!
[Malekith turns to face Thor.]
MALEKITH: Darkness returns, Asgardian. Have you come to witness the end of your universe?
THOR: I’ve come to accept your surrender.

Thor throws one of Erik’s scientific tent poles at Malekith, who catches it in one hand. Jane checks her gadget and turns a dial. The tent pole beeps and Malekith’s arm disappears. Thor throws the other pole. It spears Malekith in the opposite shoulder and rips off his other arm. The arm lands upon the sands of Svartalfheim.

MALEKITH: You think you can stop this? The Aether cannot be destroyed.
[The Aether takes the form of limbs.]
THOR: But you can.

Thor calls Mjolnir to him and starts running at Malekith. Having been lost all this time, Mjolnir finally catches up and returns to Thor as he leaps into the air, driving both hammer and tent pole into the Dark Elf. Malektih flies backwards, into his Ark. Jane turns the dial on her device. Malekith disappears.

Jane runs from her shelter and sees Thor lying unconscious on the ground. The Ark begins to topple over him. She runs towards him.

JANE: Thor! No!
ERIK: Jane!

Jane tries to drag Thor out of the path of the slowly descending spacecraft. Realising she’ll never make it in time, she throws herself over Thor and hugs his chest. This was, by the way, one of the best and most under-rated parts of the movie. 

Nothing happens. Jane opens her eyes.

On Svartalfheim, Malekith also opens his eyes. In time to see the Ark crashing down upon him.

Erik grins, portal-making device in hand. 

ERIK: Everyone okay?

Jane sits up and leans over Thor just as he conveniently regains consciousness. Darcy turns and kisses Ian. Greenwich University is a ruined mess. The two jets that flew across Vanaheim have fortunately found themselves a portal back to Earth, and now fly away from London just as fast as their lil’ jet engines can take them.


Jane’s apartment. Jane, Darcy, Erik and Ian sit at the table eating breakfast. The heavy silence is punctuated by the odd sound of munching.

EVERYONE: *Munch munch.*
DARCY: He’s gonna come back.
ERIK: *sighs sceptically*
DARCY: Except, you know, last time he was gone, for like, two years.
JANE: Well, it’s only been two days, so…
ERIK: Did he say anything before he left?
JANE: Yeah, he had to figure some stuff out with his father. He kinda committed treason… On our way out.
EVERYONE: *silence*
JANE: *munching*


On ASGARD, Thor kneels at the foot of the Throne. Although heavily damaged by the Dark Elf invasion, the Throne Room and it’s Throne look as bling as it ever was.

ODIN: You once said there would never be a wiser King than me. You were wrong. The alignment has brought all the realms together. Every one of them saw you offer your life to save them. What can Asgard offer its new King in return?

THOR: My life. Father, I cannot be King of Asgard. I will protect Asgard and all the realms with my last and every breath, but I cannot do so from that chair. Loki for all his grave imbalance understood rule as I know I never will. The brutality, the sacrifice… It changes you. I’d rather be a good man than a great King.
ODIN: Is this my son I hear? Or the woman he loves?
THOR: When you speak, do I never hear Mother’s voice?
[Odin sighs and casts his eyes downwards.]
THOR: This is not for Jane, Father. She does not know what I came here to say. Now forbid me to see her or say she can rule at my side, it changes nothing.
ODIN [sinks wearily to the Throne]: One son who wanted the Throne too much, another who will not take it. Is this my legacy?
THOR: Loki died with honour. I shall try to live the same. Is that not legacy enough?
[Odin nods. Thor looks down to Mjlnor and offers it back to Odin.]
ODIN: It belongs to you. If you are worthy of it.
THOR: I shall try to be.
ODIN: I cannot give you my blessing, nor can I wish you good fortune.
THOR: I know.
ODIN: If I were proud of the man my son had become, even that I could not say, I would speak only from my heart. Go, my son.
THOR: Thank you, father.
[Odin watches Thor depart, then transforms to reveal it was Loki on the throne all along.]
LOKI: No, thank you.

  • Queen Susan

    ok so I like Thor, but I’m more of a Lord of the Rings total fan and they do make a bad name for the elves in this one. Though i am interested if they used the same type of Elvish from the LOTR movies. To me it is kind of upsetting that Elves would be the bad guys.

    • Hi there, the Elvish language used in Thor: The Dark World is not the same as that used in the LotR movies. For one, they are entirely different races created from the imaginations of entirely different people. Also, if Marvel were to use one of the Elvish languages created by Tolkien, they’d have to jump through a few legal hoops to do so, and pay quite the royalty fee in the process!

      The language spoken by Malekith and his ilk is called ‘Shiväisith’. It was created specifically for Thor 2 by David Peterson, and is in fact a working language. He’s written quite an intense amount of information about this language on his Tumblr page >äisith

      – Side note: Unfortunately for Elves – as with any race I suppose – they’re not always portrayed in a positive light. Raymond E. Feist also wrote of dark elves in his Rift War Saga. They were called the Moredhel.

      • Queen Susan

        I figured as much because I didn’t recognize any of the words relating to LOTR. I do know the Elves aren’t always portrayed in a positive light because even in the LOTR books there are some Elves who are on the bad side. So I don’t normally hold with the bad guys but I have to say being British and funny Loki is pretty cool. “Well done. You just decapitated your grandfather.” this had me laughing so much i was crying. The way he said with so much cool and his accent it was funny.

    • Dave Brown

      First of all, If you’re into fantasy, LOTR, D&D, etc..etc. you’d know that there are elves and dark elves and any idiot could tell the difference about which one is good and which is bad. The elves in Thor 2 are bad elves hint “dark elves”. Second the comment “lord of the rings total fan” makes absolutely no sense at all

    • Bobby~T

      LOTR Author JRR Tolkien got the concept of many of it’s Char’s from Norse Mythology. “Odin , The Wanderer” became Gandalf….etc. The Norse Mythos has influenced many things, that many people do not realize.

    • Nathan Ramsay

      the orcs are elves that went bad if that is any consolation