Loki & Thor Movies FAQ

This FAQ is based on God of Mischief’s search engine queries, Tumblr asks and general questions that tend to float around the fandom. Note: As of 17 July 2016, the Thor 3 section of this FAQ has finally been updated.

If you have info that can expand upon the answers I’ve provided, you’re welcome to send it using Tumblr Ask or Submit. You don’t need a Tumblr account for this.

Did Loki die in Thor 2?

Although he appeared to die, it seems he somehow survived his death, as we see him return to Asgard in the form of an Einherjar soldier, and ultimately take the throne for himself.

Did Loki fake his death?

No one knows. It’s all pure speculation at this point, and Marvel are quite happy to keep us guessing. In the original script, Loki was supposed to actually die in that scene, but in a last-minute move, they decided to bring him back at the end. So maybe they’re not sure either? Perhaps they hope if we speculate it enough, we’ll come up with an answer for them?

How could Loki have survived his death?

It’s not known for sure at this point, but some speculate that he may have:

  • Used illusion/magic to fake the extent of his injury.
  • Conjured up some healing stones and used them on his wound after Thor left.
  • As an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D showed us, Asgardians can heal very rapidly. This may also be the case with Jotuns. If Loki faked his death or fell into unconsciousness, he may have self-healed – providing he didn’t first bleed out.
  • In the Siege comics, Loki made a pact with Hela to cheat death. Although there has been no acknowledgement of Hela in the movies so far, that doesn’t mean she might not come into play as reason for Loki’s survival in the future.
  • There was Kursed blood on the weapon that ran through him. Perhaps it will turn out this stuff has regenerative qualities in small… internal… doses?

Was Frigga real or Loki’s imagination when she visited him in his cell?

Frigga’s visit with Loki in his prison cell was real enough, in that their communication was the Asgardian version of a holographic cell call (cell call – see what I did there?) Frigga used her magic to visit with Loki, and on more than one occasion.

This aspect of their bond was explored further in a deleted scene, which shows Loki’s form disappearing as Thor entered Frigga’s chambers, and Thor commenting on “the gifts, the visits.” As shown in the following gifset (if you can excuse the terribly blurry font!)


Why did Loki’s skin change colour as he was dying in Thor 2?

As Loki died, his skin began changing to a mottled blue-black. This may have had something to do with his Jotun physiology – perhaps the illusion Odin cast over him as a baby (to make him appear Asgardian) now fought against his true Jotun form. Or, this may have been a reaction to the Kursed blood.

Why did Thor leave Loki’s body on Svartalfheim?

Thor had no other choice. If he had lugged Loki’s body with him – either in attempt to return him to Asgard or to have him tag along as a dead sightseer while he tried to save the universe, it would have not only been a pointless part of storytelling, but it simply wouldn’t have worked.

Why didn’t Loki get a funeral in Thor 2?

I find it surprising that this question comes up in search engine queries. There are so many reasons for Loki not etting a funeral in Thor 2. First and foremost, it wasn’t essential to the story. The movie was butchered enough as it was, to try and squeeze another funeral into its 112 or so minutes.

And besides, it was Loki in the form of an Einherjar soldier who reported the body to Odin. And as something happened to Odin shortly after that enabled Loki to take his place, we can assume funeral preparations were all a moot point with Loki himself now on the throne.

Did Loki kill Odin?

There is no official word yet as to whether or not Loki killed Odin.

In a Nov 2013 MTV interview with Alan Taylor, the Thor 2 director was quoted as saying:

That was a big twist. It took us a while to realize that we were actually going to kill him. And then it took us a while to realize that we were going to do that at the end.

Many believed (and still do) that this question was in relation to the fate of Odin, but it was actually a question specific to Loki, not Odin himself. [See interview snippet here.]

Sir Anthony Hopkins was quoted as saying:

He’s dead. I’ve done two, that’s enough.”

Bear in mind, the actor has said to be tired of playing the role of Odin, and doesn’t wish to return for a third installment. Perhaps Odin is dead as far as Sir Anthony Hopkins is concerned, but this is moot to the Thor 3 scriptwriters. Actors can be replaced, after all.

Where is Odin?

So so many things we don’t know. Perhaps Odin is:

  • Dead. Loki killed Odin and stashed his body. Some place no one will ever find it. Until they find it in Thor 3.
  • Dead. Of natural causes. Odin was getting on in age… Maybe the stress of war and death was too much and he keeled over from a heart attack. Loki would have naturally made the most of such an opportunity. Then stashed his body. Some place no one will ever find it…
  • In a Convenient Odinsleep. Having staved off the Odinsleep for far too long while the realms were at war and in need of a strong ruler, Odin couldn’t fight it off any longer – once again leaving Loki with a prime opportunity to take up the slack, then stash his body some place no one will ever…
  • Banished to a pocket dimension. Loki may have overpowered Odin and used his own magic to send the Allfather to a pocket dimension, meaning he’s tucked out of the way for now, but can easily be written back in, at some point in the future.
  • Food for thought: Odin may be significantly weak these days, but he still wields the Odinforce. Could Loki really overtake him? Even with the element of surprise in his favour?

Roll on Thor 3 eh?!

Is Loki still a villain?

It’s difficult to say at this point. Some say yes, absolutely. Others say no, he’s an anti-hero. Certainly he seemed to ‘walk the fine line’ in Thor 2 (up until that whole seizing the Throne stunt…) But who knows until Thor 3? And even then… Who ever really knows?

What are the orbs at Frigga’s funeral?

The symbolism of these orbs are probably based on the Eastern tradition of Kongming lanterns (or Sky Lanterns) which are small hot air balloons made out of paper. These lanterns are often used during festivals, and also funeral rites to guide the spirit into the afterlife, represent the spirit finding freedom, or to symbolise the ending of life and beginning of afterlife.


THOR 3 Ragnarok FAQ

What is Thor 3’s release date?

The US release date for Thor Ragnarok is 3 November 2017.

Is Thor: Ragnarok the official title of Thor 3?


What is Thor 3’s plot?

This has not yet been announced, however since the revelation that Hulk will be a main character, Mark Ruffalo has described Thor Ragnarok as something of a ‘cosmic roadtrip’ which Hulk will be sharing with Thor. There has since been speculation that Thor Ragnarok will incorperate elements of the Planet Hulk storyline.

Will Lorelei be in Thor 3?

Unsure. Lorelei made her MCU debut in an Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode which saw the Lady Sif sent to Earth by Odin (aka Loki) to capture the escaped prisoner (with a talent for making men fall in love with her and obey her every command with just the sound of her voice) and return her to Asgard, alive. Whether she was just a MacGruffin for one S.H.I.E.L.D episode or a potential weapon for Loki to use in Thor 3… This is still unknown.

Will Sigyn be in Thor 3?

There has been no confirmation or suggestion that Sigyn will be in Thor 3.

Will Loki have a love interest in Thor 3?

Seriously? Let’s hope not. Why ruin a perfectly good anti-hero with a love interest – just to pander to a faction of the fans?

Who will be the villain (or villains) in Thor Ragnarok?

There is no official confirmation yet as to who the complete lineup of villains will be (surely we can expect more than one this time around?) But Cate Blanchett has been confirmed as Hela (Queen of the underworld realm of Hel and more often than not depicted as a villain) and Jeff Goldblum cast as the Grandmaster (a Marvel character who generally sees everyone else as a playing piece for his great big boardgame.) Karl Urban will also be joining the Marvel team as Skurge the Executioner.

Do you have any Thor 3 spoilers?

Not yet. All we have so far is speculation that Thor 3 might be about Ragnarok and might feature Surtur, Amora the Enchantress and Skurge the Executioner as potential villains. UPDATE: Karl Urban has been announced to play Skurge.

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  • ana arias

    he left loki’s body because loki died in battle. thor is still a soldier and he had to continue his mission. i do agree that they shouldve places more emphasis on thor mourning loki. the way he left him seemed cold. but the point is you dont haul your fellow soldiers bodies around thats what the scouts/guards are for. to look for survivors. when the smoke clears and the warriors disperse they look for survivors and collect the bodies to send them to their families. thats what that guard was doing when loki found him.

    • Yes exactly. It never failed to exasperate me, the way so many fans (we’re talking Tumblr mind you) hated upon Thor/the writers/the director/the Universe in general for leaving poor widdle baby Loki behind. Common sense. You’d think it wouldn’t be too hard.

      • Misa Simpson

        When I watched it, it made me sad that Thor didn’t even bury or burn him on Swartalfheim. Sure, Loki would have had a hard time escaping being burned, but leaving your brother’s body to the rats and ravens (or whatever they have on Swartalfheim in their place) is just very hard to believe for Thor to do.

        The editing in Thor 2 was really jarring in general, making it one of the worst executed films I know.

        • It interests me that so many Loki fans forget there was much more at stake in the storyline than the fate of Loki’s body..

          • Misa Simpson

            Dude, it’s his fucking brother!

          • Given that a proper Asgardian send off would have involved building a pyre and setting Loki alight, there would have been no Loki left to return at the end of the movie, had Thor done so.

            Svartalfheim was a barren, dead planet. There were no rats or ravens. The oncoming sandstorm would have buried Loki.

            I do agree that Loki’s ‘death’ scene could have been executed better – but I don’t agree that Thor should have stopped to bury/burn his remains. Had the movie folk taken three minutes out to give Loki a funeral, then they’d have to carve those minutes from another scene. Like… Maybe we’d have had less Darcy! Damnit! (Kidding. I really would have loved five minutes less of Darcy.)

            What was missing from Loki’s death scene was not a funeral, but for his death to have a larger impact upon Thor. Sure, he roared in grief, but that was it. Jane should have had to prise him from his brother’s corpse and try to drag him away. Course, she wouldn’t have been able to budge him, so she’d have had to desperately remind him of what was at stake (the annihilation of the universe)… Blah blah blah… All in all, two minutes of Thor being actually near-defeated by grief and forced to leave his brother on the sand so he could go save the world would have been wonderfully tragic. And they could have just cut two minutes from Darcy’s scenes – yuss!

            The fault wasn’t the lack of funeral, it was the crappy editing and jarring attempts to inject humour directly after a sad scene (ie, Loki bouncing around all happy to be free of his cage was a fine scene on it’s own – but more or less directly after news of Frigga’s death? Not on!)

          • Misa Simpson

            I realise that burning the body would not have worked with Loki’s return in the end. But Mjölnir can smash holes in the ground, so making a hole big enough for Loki in sand shouldn’t take too long.

            But yeah, you’re right. What’s really missing is the impact of his (and also Frigga’s) death. There were so many unnecessary scenes in this film that actually SHOULD have been cut for character development. I don’t hate Darcy, but she had no place in this film, as did her intern or the kids in the run-down house.

            And yeah, the bickering between Loki and Thor after Thor frees his brother were fun and all, but directly after we see Loki devastated by his mother’s death? WTF?!
            Also, I feel like Frigga’s death was really lazy writing. She didn’t need to die in order to make Thor and Loki work together. I would have preferred if it were her encouraging Thor to work with Loki instead of having her killed off for a cheap emotional impact that is not even used to its full potential.

            [Even if we don’t see rats or ravens on Swartalfheim, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely uninhabited]

          • Tranquility Tranquility

            My problem with Loki’s funeral is not that they didn’t show it on screen, but that Thor hasn’t questioned it later. He comes to see Odin, talks about Loki’s death, surely he should enquire about the whereabouts of his brother’s body. You’d expect Thor to want to give him a proper funeral after all this talk about heroic death. They could have at least mention it.