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Thor Ragnarok is coming! Official title and release date announced

Marvel has announced Thor: Ragnarok as the official title of the third Thor movie, confirming months of speculation as to the theme of Thor 3.

thor ragnarok

Official Thor Ragnarok logo

“Chris Hemsworth is returning as Thor; of course, Tom Hiddleston returning as Loki. I knew this audience would know what that strange word means. Ragnarok. What we will do between now and the release of this movie is to educate the rest of the world as to what that word means. It’s a very important word that means essentially ‘the end of all things.’ This is a very important movie for us in our Phase 3 timeline. As the Russo’s did so well reinventing Captain America in the Winter Soldier and changing everything that would come after it, that is the plan for Thor: Ragnarok — to take Thor to another level of his own franchise and in fact picks up right after we leave him in The Avengers 2 and will impact everything to come afterwards. Thor: Ragnarok.” – Kevin Feige.

Thor: Ragnarok‘s release date has been set for 28 July, 2017. That’s right folks. Three or so years away. And the day before my birthday, as it so happens (keep that in mind, if you’d like to buy me a Hot Toys Loki as a present because you love me so much.)

You can watch the full bucketload of announcements for Marvel’s Phase 3 in the clip below, including confirmation that the gem within Loki’s sceptre is in fact an infinity gem.

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