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Thor Ragnarok’s “New York” Spoilers

The title of this page should be self-explanatory but just in case….WARNING!  THIS PAGE CONTAINS (Admittedly, I’m slack and you’ve likely seen them all over the interwebs already but… Meh. Gotta post ’em here for posterity!)

While parts of Melbourne have been closed off this last week in order to film some “New York” scenes for Thor: Ragnarok, Aussie fans and media alike have grabbed the opportunity to get a few good shots of the Thor 3 stars in action. And while many of these appear to be butt shots, there’s also a few plot gems to be found amid the Hiddleston selfies and whatnot.

Again… There are here. You have been warned.

The whereabouts of is now confirmed.
What happened to Odin following the events of Thor: The Dark World? It’s a question that frequently brings people to this site in search of answers. Now we can finally confirm that he (somehow) ended up on Earth, where he has been wandering the streets of New York as some mad homeless-looking guy, rambling on about the end of the world while possibly ringing a bell and wearing a sandwich board. Though it’s probably worth noting those last two points are pure speculation on my part.

Is this some kind of fan fiction? No! Read more on it here.

Spoiler: Thor and Loki spend some time in New York. Together. And they’re not trying to kill each other. For once.

Actually if anything, they appear to be working together. Searching for their mad father perhaps?

This person ^^ went to the wonderful effort of giffing the important stuff, but you can read the rest here.

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1. I use the term ‘us’ loosely
  • Sian

    This is a bit…weird considering one of the reasons they ditched Jane and co. is that the film wouldn’t be featuring Earth?