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Petition for a Thor The Dark World Director’s Cut

The removal of key character development from ’s cinematic release has led to a petition for a Director’s Cut to be released when the movie hits dvd/bluray. 

While much of the feedback on Thor 2 has been largely positive, many and by that I mean just about everyone who’s seen the movie agree that one big gigantic massive problem with Thor 2 has been in the editing.

Many of the scenes we were shown in the TV Spots and featurettes were not in the movie, much of the character development promised for some of the characters (namely Malekith) was not delivered, and while there were certainly some goddamned beautiful heart-rendering moments in Thor 2, the characters involved were thrown into the next comedic action sequence before the scenes could really deliver the full emotional punch they chould have.

Before Thor 2’s release there was much talk about ’s desire to show Malekith’s backstory, and give Christopher Eccleston’s character more depth. Fans of Asgard were looking forward to seeing more of the realm, especially with Taylor having broken away from Kenneth Brannagh’s shiny gold super-CGI feel of of the first Thor movie to recreate a more worn in, gritty and realistic Game of Thrones-like city.

Unfortunately, due to ’s demand for a more compressed, action-driven and upbeat movie, much of Alan Taylor’s favourite scenes fell to the cutting room floor.

One of the painful things about making a movie like this is that towards the end there’s a drive to really compress it, to make it move along, and as a result some of my favourite stuff winds up having to fall on the floor.
– Alan Taylor, Collider interview.

It’s not surprising that many of us quickly began to hope and wonder if we might get a Director’s Cut of Thor 2 when it comes out on DVD/Bluray. And it appears this is a sentiment echoed by director Alan Taylor in an interview with CraveOnline:

 Is there going to be a big director’s cut?

Wouldn’t that be great? [Laughs] Maybe if you start the lobbying right now you can build up enough demand that Marvel will have to respond.

[…] Whether it’s beats or lines or moments that fall away in the drive to make it faster, tighter, funnier, quicker, more efficient, so yeah, that’s the excruciating thing. I think if there was a director’s cut it would be that much different. Maybe someday. Maybe someday if I become such a huge success later on in life I can come back and do it.

If a petition for a Loki movie can cause Marvel to start considering it, then surely if we show ’em there’s a strong demand for a Thor 2 Director’s Cut, they may just let Alan Taylor show us the movie he would have liked us to see?


So folks, you know what you need to do right? Sign the petition!

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  • redrascal1

    Fabulous idea – I hope there are more Jane/Loki scenes although sadly I suspect not.
    As another poster pointed out on the nitpicks thread I also hope we’ll see Jane reacting more to Loki and Frigga’s fates as well – her apparent lack of concern over Thor’s brother twice risking his life for her(why did he do that) and Frigga actually dying for her made her seem cold and unfeeling. This woman didn’t seem worth Thor giving up the throne for.