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New Thor The Dark World Featurette – Beyond Realms

thor the dark world featurette

A new featurette has been released with yet more previously-unseen scenes (including one of Loki and Jane that the Lokane shippers will love) The fandom has seen Marvel begin to push TTDW in earnest in the last fortnight or so, with another TV Spot trailer released in conjunction with episode 2 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D this week.

I’ll be making gifs and screenshots of the new footage from the featurette later and uploading them to the gallery.  Remember to check out the Animated Gifs page of the Multimedia section to view/download the other gifs I’ve recently made.

To find all of the mini-trailers and featurettes released so far, visit the new Thor 2 Trailers & Featurettes page.

If you really really want to know what’s going to be happening in TTDW and just can’t wait until the movie is released, this article at ThorMovies has a massive scoop on a significant chunk of the storyline, especially in regards to the Dark Elves and what’s been going on in the Nine Realms since the Bifrost was destroyed, and more movie tidbits, including a wee segment on Loki’s prison.

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  • redrascal1

    Mixed feelings here. I would like to see a Loki movie before Thor 3, because I don’t want to see Loki as the uber baddie again. I know it would be hard to do but there’s been fanfiction written about Loki ruling Asgard which doesn’t feature Thor much and it works. There was an excellent graphic novel called Blood Brothers which could be used as a springboard storywise.
    Although I enjoyed Thor 2, I really hope we don’t get Darcy/Erik/Ian again. And I really wish they’d do something more with Jane! A poster on a comic book forum recently said he hoped they’d all be killed off because he hated them in Thor 2. Not fair to Natalie who’s a terrific actress. And to Jane, who’s been written so well in fanfic. I wish we vould get the epic type movie the story of Asgard needs but Marvel seem to want only to please ‘younger’ audiences.
    Someone should make yhem watch the Lord of the Rings again…