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Tom Hiddleston to return as Loki’s spirit in Thor Ragnarok

So the word from director, : Tom Hiddleston will return as ’s spirit. Is THIS how they write him out?

Here in New Zealand, they say there are only 2 degrees of separation between us. So theoretically, this makes me much closer to Thor Ragnarok’s director, Taika Waititi, then the rest of you. Go me.

Thus it almost came as no great surprise when I overheard a snippet of Ragnarok-related conversation between a couple of Waititi’s film crew buddies, while sitting in Sylvia Park’s Hoyts Cinema waiting for the premiere of Hunt for the Wilderpeople to begin this week. Obviously Marvel fanboys, the guys in Row F dissected (in not-so-hushed whispers) a conversation one of them had in turn overheard between Taika Waititi and a mystery person on the other end of the phone, just a week or so earlier.

The discussion involved a scene in which Thor was bargaining with Hela to release Loki’s spirit (or exchange it for Odin’s?) and the dilemma Waititi was having in regards to Hela’s relationship to Loki. The script called for Thor to refer to Loki as Hela’s father, but Waititi wasn’t sure if it would be wise to bring that connection into Marvel Cinematic continuity. And while I’m happy to hear this is one thing I can certainly agree on, I’m slightly concerned about the reference to Loki’s spirit.

What exactly is that supposed to mean? Will Loki die in ? Did he in fact die in Thor 2 after all, and somehow return at the end as some kind of Odin-possessing ghost? Or is that how they’re going to try and retcon Loki’s Throne-scene now that Tom Hiddleston is keen to escape the Loki typecast and (the fangirls) and move on to better (??) things.

Will Loki become the Ghost of Ragnarok Future?!

Much as I wish I could have asked these guys for clarification, I didn’t want to reveal that I had been eavesdropping on their conversation in the first place (hey not my fault, they were right behind me! And when people mention Thor 3, I tend to develop superhuman hearing :p) And while I sat on this for a couple of days thinking I should shut my mouth and say nothing, I cannot hold it together any longer.

I mean, I’m falling apart here.


Plz send help.

Or else at least send some clarification on what I overheard! I’m behind on the Thor 3 rumours. It’s been a while (real life commitments and all…) Is this even new news? Or am I just rehashing what everyone else knows already?! I’m so confused…

loki hela


Edit 13/04/2016: Oh yeah… That was an April Fools joke, btw.

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