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Tom Hiddleston tweets capforstrat

Perhaps as a way of making reparations for that whole ‘attempt world domination via New York’ thing, the human embodiment of Loki, known to some as Tom Hiddleston, has joined the #capforstrat campaign to grant a comic fan his last dying wish.

If you were paying attention to the last post (and Tumblr, and Twitter and any comic book/movie forum by now) you’ll have heard of Stratford Caldecott – a comic fan in the last stage of prostrate cancer, who would like to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier before he dies.

Due to his advanced illness, Stratford Caldecott was unable to see Cap 2 at the cinemas, and he’s unlikely to make it to the DVD release date (August.) His family began an online campaign this week, asking Marvel Studios to allow him his own copy to watch from home.

The campaign has not only rallied loads and loads of comic book/movie fans, but also drawn nearly every member of the MCU cast. These awesome folk have been posting their selfies to Twitter, to pledge of support, with Tom Hiddleston the latest MCU actor to step up to the plate.

tom hiddleston tweets capforstrat

Tom Hiddleston tweets #capforstrat

Update: The campaign is now over. Marvel have come to the party and are granting Stratford his wish – he will be able to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier from his own home.

His daughter Sophie Caldecott has written a beautiful post in her blog, thanking everyone for their support. Here’s an excerpt, and I suggest you click the link and read the whole thing:

You have certainly succeeded in cheering us all up and keeping things positive over here. We have been truly overwhelmed with your support, and I think the reason people have loved it so much is because it is just the kind of thing that restores your faith in humanity. It’s been a bit like a massive flash mob where a whole bunch of strangers hug each other. Also, it’s so hard to know what to do for someone suffering from cancer, so it has been great to have something concrete to aim for and achieve. – Sophie Caldecott [x]

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