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Unworthy? Thor Ragnarok promo poster

Thor Ragnarok promo poster has surfaced online depicting Thor and Hulk in their gladiator battle armour. With Thor’s cape in tatters and a sword in each hand, our second question is… Could we be seeing Unworthy Thor in Ragnarok?

thor ragnarok promo poster

Thor Ragnarok Promo Poster

Of course, the first question is: Is this even an official Thor Ragnarok poster?

While the artwork has by now made it’s way on to CBM and Screenrant, no one yet knows exactly where it originated from. Well, except for the somewhat broad sweep of an explanation known as “Thailand”.

Meh. Details. I’m willing to accept this as the real deal until proven otherwise. Because while I would expect a Mjolnir-less Thor to be wielding a Dwarven-forged battle-axe, I’m quite liking this whole dual sword dealio. It’s hot. Though, I shall now be expecting a scene where, after being handed one sword, Thor smashes his mead jug to the ground and demands “another!”


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